This is actually something easy to answer, but a deeper exploration of the nature of these devices, especially the hookah, is definitely called for. You see, most people are familiar with the concept of a hookah at least visually, they are common set decoration whenever a location takes place in a traditional middle or near East location. This isn’t a bad cliché, these are the cultures where it was invented, and their cultures that still hold this utility very near and dear. We’ll talk about that in a minute, but first, let’s talk about how they work, and what distinguishes them from something like a bong.

The biggest difference is actually in the nature of tobacco put in a bong versus a hookah. A bong utilizes water, though there are varieties of hookah that do this, and burns the tobacco or dry herbs directly. A hookah, however, uses a specialized variety of tobacco not intended to burn per se. This tobacco, usually called shisha or chillum, is extremely moist and sticky, usually vibrant in color and is infused with pungent yet pleasant flavors. Charcoal burns, the ambient heat from which basically vaporizes and slow roasts this tobacco to cause it to release the oils and flavorings, but not any actual smoke. While the charcoal burns, it does not add any smoke that the users receive either.

The smoke is heavier than air, so it naturally drops through the street chamber into the hollow base of the hookah itself. The tubes attached allow each user to draw the smoke from the chamber, without having to share mouthpieces. This makes it distinctly different from a bong or really any other smoking device.

In the cultures that invented it, the hookah is a center of social interaction, with a great many trade negotiations and political pacts being agreed-upon and celebrated by the smoking of a hookah. In a lounge anywhere in the Middle East where smoking is not prohibited, it really isn’t uncommon to see several locals gathered around these, chewing the fat and enjoying this unique and aromatic kind of smoke.

Chillum or shisha, by the way, can come in a lot of interesting and modern forms as well. Among these are pastes and even synthetic alternatives, though traditional varieties are easy to get a hold of as well. Along with a wider variety of flavors and a unique experience with a less irritant-like smoke, it is much healthier than cigarettes, pipes or cigars. Smoke is actually made of ash, the oils and various carcinogenic compounds. The ash is completely absent, the carcinogenic compounds are nearly absent, meaning that you are basically just getting the oils and flavorings as well as nicotine, nothing else. Is it 100% healthy? No, but neither is anything in life.

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This article penned by Lora Davis