“Frozen” is a 3D computer generated animation musical that was produced by the Walt Disney Animation Studios in the year 2013.

It is all about the story of a fearless princess, Anna and her long journey in pursuit of her turned off sister, who with the help of her magical powers, had inadvertently put their kingdom under the spell of an eternal icy winter.

In her journey, she is accompanied by a craggy iceman, a banal snowman and her favourite reindeer. Now, this musical became a hit straightaway, and the film managed to capture the psyche of the kids in a stupendous form.

Such has been the fame of the movie that six years on, kids of today still are unable to come out of its aura and its magical spell. They still love themselves to be around the characters of the film and very much in the icy kingdom that the film offered. It is this that certain companies have grasped with both hands. They have come out with the idea of Frozen parties, which have taken the world of kids’ entertainment by storm.

Now, this is a more commercial part of the story. This part mainly dealt with the film itself and the plans of a children party entertainer in Sydney to grab the fondness of these innocent souls to make good fortunes. Now let us roll over to the other flip side of the story - the more finer one, or the aesthetic side.

Why ‘Frozen’ Party?

Perhaps the answer to this question lies in the theme of the film itself. The film takes the kids to a different world altogether - a world that they can connect otherwise themselves with, in reality. As kids like to live in a world that is very much of their own, the very much want to cling on to things that are closest to that world. That is what the film has done. Critically speaking, that was the objective of the film and it has succeeded in doing so.

That is why, when things come down to celebrating a kids' event, nothing can be as adorable and as pleasing for the kids than suddenly discovering themselves in that imaginary world of their very own, surrounded by all the characters that they dream of.

That is the reason, the presence of Snow Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, Olaf, the snowman walking around them, with all those film numbers being sung at the background prove to be TOO MUCH for them. They go wild out of ecstasy!

Creating a Perfect Ambience

Here again, the role and the competence of these Frozen entertainer in Sydney need to be discussed. The techies of these companies, with the help of various props and activities like balloon modelling, cutting cakes and playing "Frozen" songs and birthday songs, create an icy ambience with the help of the snow machines. Then all the dancing, conducting various party games, face painting, help that ambience further, to create a hell of a birthday bash!

And the characters, with their presence and mannerisms, make most of the occasion, create a ripper of a party that takes the kids to cloud nine.

So getting back to where we started from, all the credit goes to ‘Frozen’ - the film that gave rise to all these razzmatazz! Kudos to its entertainment and creative standards that it has set for others to emulate!

Author's Bio: 

The author is a ‘Frozen’ children party entertainer in Sydney. The author also writes blogs on various aspects of kids’ entertainment.