I went to do a spot of gardening at the weekend and took a nasty tumble on our wooden decking. It had been raining in the morning and this has turned the surface area of our wooden decking into a skating rink, it was slippery and dangerous to walk upon. It’s a shame really, if I’d had the foresight to install Non Slip Timber Decking a few years back the Anti Slip Decking would have prevented this problem. Anti Slip Decking is a blessing in outdoor areas and it’s rapidly gaining in popularity. It’s particularly good for young families but Anti Slip Decking could be used in any outdoor environment where there’s a danger of people taking a tumble. I was lucky, I didn’t hurt myself too seriously when I slipped in our garden but I was cursing the fact that I hadn’t fitted Anti Slip Decking when I had the chance.

What’s great about Anti Slip Decking?

You get the best of both worlds with Anti Slip Decking, the Non Slip Timber Decking stills looks as attractive as standard types of timber deck but it has a built in rubber inlay which gives a sure footing. The problem with normal wooden decking is it’s prone to water retention along with moss, leaf and other garden debris. This causes the surface area to become treacherous but that’s never an issue with Anti Slip Decking. Even after a heavy downpour you can walk in total safety on Anti Slip Decking and feel surefooted at the same time.

And it’s simple to install

All you need are a few woodworking tools to lay Anti Slip Decking outside a property and the Non Slip Timber Decking comes with a handy installation guide. You can pick and choose from a variety of colours depending on your individual preference and the Anti Slip Decking looks lovely in different types of garden settings. Thanks to the soft runner inlay the Anti Slip Decking is extremely kind to feet, it’s a pleasure to step foot on the surface area. I think I’ll be replacing my old timber deck with Anti Slip Decking when the time comes to update my garden.

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Anti Slip Decking from rubadeck.co.uk.  We specialise in providing safe, comfortable decking that removes the dangers of traditional decking.  Visit us online if you’re looking for Non Slip Timber Decking.