With more than 7,50,000 apps developed and many more coming in on this mobile app development platform and a existing growth rate of 32% per month it wouldn’t be inappropriate to declare Android the most sought after mobile application development platform.

Android provides for a hassle-free experience for the users as well as developers. Android works on Linux, which is an open-source version of the UNIX operating system. Also, apps for Android can be developed on any platform: Linux, Mac OS-X or Windows.

The primary support that Android provides to its developers will help them design and build super revolutionary and advantageous apps but the fact remains that only an expert app building team can come up with well-performing apps. Becoming a Google product, Android can seamlessly be integrated with almost all Google attributes likes Gtalk, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Calendars, etc. Android also follows various methodologies for application development depending on their size and nature. This is why, Android is known as one of the most systematic techniques for application development.

Android which has made its presence felt in more than 190 nations has an open entry system. The developer can launch their apps conveniently at nominal costs. Also there are no hidden costs like the royalty costs or the license fees. With this, the developer can create and design apps as per the client’s requirements without needing to compromise upon the performance as there are little restrictions on this mobile-platform.

Android is available on majority of the smartphones like the Samsung, HTC, Motorola, to term a few. These phones cover a huge proportion of smartphone audience because of which many developers have been drawn towards Android for application development. Majority of the companies prefer Android over additional mobile app development platforms courtesy the various benefits that it provides for. In addition to this, the Android market has seen an astounding boost in the past few years owing to its transparent features, extensive effectiveness and features and several functionalities.

Android offers for almost all categories of apps: games, e-books, lifestyle apps, social networking apps and many other utility apps too. Not just this, Android works seamlessly on 2D and 3D graphics also has a huge picture library, Audio and video files and many technologies like CDMA, Bluetooth, GSM, WiFi to send and receive data.


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