Android based technology is the most popular operating system, making up 85% of the total mobile operating system market share, making it a popular choice for businesses interested in investing in mobile applications. Many app development company recommend android-based apps because they offer a broad assortment of options for developers as well as users who prefer them for social media, entertainment, utilities like banking, shopping, etc. This helps businesses to reach out to a wider range of customers, increase sales and generate revenues. App development companies prefer the android platform as it allows developers to create superb applications with unique, flexible, robust and secure features that allow the app to enter the market quickly. App development companies prefer Android as being a Google-backed platform; it easily integrates enterprise-oriented features into its updated versions while also enabling businesses to protect confidential information through restricted access and deleting data if a phone gets stolen or lost. Described below are some reasons why android app development is the future of the technological world.

Graphics Support
According to app development company, a wide range of options are available for graphic design for android applications, making it a first choice for the gaming industry, which relies a lot on captivating graphics, followed by other industries too. It is also the most capable platform for 2D and 3D graphics.

Competitive Prices
App companies strive to help companies develop the best possible app with the most feasible budget. Many upcoming business don’t want to spend too much on apps, thus making androids the go-to choice for developers to develop high-quality apps at a fraction of the cost.

Secure Platform
According to app company, android platforms provide a secure and stable environment to create apps depending upon a business’ unique requirements. Users are guaranteed reliable data protection as the web applications rely on different browsers and underlying technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS. With Android development.

Impeccable Performance
App companies reveal that android developers, keeping pace with the latest technology, are equipped with the requisite tools and technology such as inter-app integration to develop apps with superior integration, compelling designs, optimal functionality and impeccable performance across various devices

Wearable Devices
The android platform lends itself quite effectively for building wearable devices, according to app development company, especially with the wearable market expected to exceed 45% in the coming years, with innovative and attractive wearable devices being developed. According to app development companies, this is because the android platform offers numerous options for customization, scalability and optimal functioning to develop the ideal app.

According to Andoid and IOS development companies, these are just some of the reasons that contribute towards making android apps the best choice for enterprise apps globally and the future of the tech world. App company can create feature-rich android apps that are a reflection of the business’ vision and help gain customers and raise revenue.

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