Well, it sounds extremely tough to leave a well-paying job to travel around the world. It certainly takes a lot of money to travel to foreign destinations. But have you ever given a thought to local tourism? India is such a vast country that you don’t need to cross the borders for at least a year even if you spend 2-5 days at one destination. Let us see how and why you should travel without a job.

A job restricts everyone

Is there any doubt about the fact that a job limits your actions and decisions? You definitely get a regular income, but you may or may not like your job. Even if you love your profession, it will never give you indefinite leaves to let you travel as much as you want. A salaried person is badly stuck in his or her life; very few people are able to take bold decisions. That is why; you need to shed your comfort zone and think about alternative professions from today.

A freelance job or entrepreneurship

The income alternatives mentioned above are not for everyone for sure, but you have to take bigger risks to achieve bigger things in life. You need money and you definitely need regular income. It may take eternity to have regular money flowing in to your account, so it is better to start thinking from today itself about materializing your plans. You can either take up a freelance job according to your talents or become an entrepreneur, even if that happens at a small scale. You might start small, but if you have the determination and dedication, you will wind up becoming big one day.

Consider your money

Travel according to the money you have in your bank account, not according to the top ten lists.               You might be earning meager money when you begin your nomadic life, so be modest with your travel plans. Do not indulge in showing off your wealth because you are already off the competition now. Forget Instagram, Facebook, and the relatives who nag you to prove your worth.

A backup job

Having a job when you return from your year-long journey feels really blissful and relaxing while you travel to different places. You do not have to travel for eternity once you quit your work. You may work hard for 2-3 years, save a good amount of money, and then set off on your journey for a year. You may tell your employer honestly that you would like to return after a year. An understanding boss will appreciate your spirit and take you back into the company when you return.

Time your resignation

The best thing about being honest with your boss is that you can stay relaxed on your extended vacation. However, you need to pay heed to the situation of the company as well. You should surely serve your notice period, but you should also postpone your date of departure if your company wants you to stay for a few more days. And you should never leave an establishment during the peak season or a crucial project.

Working as a freelancer is the only option to have a good income while you travel for an entire year. You may not be able to hire Self-Drive Cars in Pune for a fancy road trip, but a public bus is not a bad option either. After all, you are chasing your dreams, not the extravagant things. It takes a great amount of goodwill to travel without a traditional job, but a lot more things than that as well.

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