Why Copyright is needed?
Everyone needed a unique identity for everything because uniqueness shows our capacity. Likewise, Copyright is a title for our hard work so that no one will steal our invention
How to Register Copyright in India
1. Required things
2. Verification
3. Destination
Step 1 - Document Required :
1. Name, Address, and Nationality of the applicant.
2. Surname, Address, and Nationality of the author of the work.
3. Copies of the original documents.
4. Id proof for verification
5. Language of work
6. Title for the creation
7. The nature of the applicant interest in the copyright such that the licensee
8. Details about the creation whether it is published or not
9.Power of attorney for the firm.
10.Three soft copies and Six hard copies of the documents.

Next what we have to do?
Step 2 - Relax for some times your certificate is in baking with some conditions
Application is once filed, a dairy number will be received by the applicant. We have to wait for 30 days it mandatory because Once your document is
filed as a "No Objection"
against the claim made by the author. If some objection is raised mean we have to wait one more month. After that decision on ownership or rejection means the application goes for Scrutiny. If any discrepancy was found mean the applicant asked to remove within 30 days.
Step 3 - Process for Registration
After the submission of documents and the Registrar will claim for the copyright certificate. When the application is completed the applicant is issued with a copy of entries made in the Register of Copyrights.

Six exclusive rights of Copyright:
1. To reproduce the copyright works in physical and digital formats.
2. Evolved works are prepared based upon the copyrighted work.
3. To distribute copies of the copyrighted work to the public by rental, lease, and lending.
4. Literary, dramatic, musical works must perform the copyrighted work publicly.
5. And they require individual images of motion pictures too.
6. In sound recording to perform copyright work must be done by digital audio transmission.
Benefits of Copyright law:
1 . Prestige:
The advantage of copyright protection is that gives the holder prestige means that certain works belong to the individual.
2.Prevention from the loss:
Huge advantages are offered to the author. The biggest advantage is preventing losses arising from the duplicate made by original work.
Violation of copyright registration is known as ' piracy'.
3.Legal Protection:
It gives shelter to the published work without such registration it becomes difficult to prove the case of the owner in court.
4.Pre-emptive measure:
If someone copies your work means you can send a cease notice to them.
5.Incentive to create:
No more worries - Music company can create new music without worrying about it being copied.
6.Protecting reputations:
The author is the place to prevent copies of his/her work, preventing any loss of reputation.
From above its shows how copyright is enhanced with tones of benefits. Use it and get the profit of satisfaction.

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