Are you an avid goal setter? What do they do? You set long-term and short-term goals, and you go about to do things and make the goals happen, right?
Right. Now that life is so simple. What’s left for us to do? More goals? Or nothing else to do? How about we practice meditation?
Now go ahead and close your eyes. Focus inside and clear your mind entirely.
How easy was it to do that? Was it relatively straightforward or it took some effort? Or, not even quite possible?
This is like day-to-day life. We try… We get a little bit overloaded stressed. We try to calm our minds down, remembering our unachieved goals. It’s a difficulty thing to do. No matter how you understand that calming your mind would help you achieve your goals, your attention is still elsewhere.
We need a clear mind to achieve our goals, yet the attention to unwanted things makes our mind super busy… Clearing the mind looks very difficulty to do.
That’s when self-hypnosis becomes very useful. It makes clearing the mind fairly easy once you know how.
There are many different techniques of self-hypnosis, because there are different types of minds. What we can begin with is to engage physical activity to absorb our attention so that our mind can follow along. For example, we use hand sensing technique – warmth, heaviness, lightness, other sensations, and the correspondent movements, to completely absorb our attention, so mind can automatically entre into a peaceful tranquil state, where suggestions can be given, creativities can flow, memories can be accessed, and wisdom can be discovered.
Also, future events can be rehearsed. We have all heard how powerful it is to visualize the success before it happens. There is not much power in visualization if you just make it a mental exercise. We need to evoke the emotions, and let the mind know it’s true until we don’t have a single doubt. With self-hypnosis, it becomes easy and effortless, because we don’t have to focus anymore on how to “visualize it right”. Our attention is simply absorbed in the curiosity of physical activity, such as hands movement, and we enter the state that we pre-created: Be it a power state, a flow state, or a super learning state.
It costs $100/hour to learn self-hypnosis techniques one on one. However, workshops in community centres are an excellent way for those with lower budget. I’m teaching a Self-Hypnosis workshop – 7 weeks where you can learn certain techniques and practice them. The cost for 7 weeks is only $85. Together we create the desired states and we will use techniques to entre them, so all become easy, be it sleeping, study, public speaking, job interview, motivation or creativity.

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Kemila Zsange, Clinical Counselling-Hypnotherapist, enjoys life, adventure, beauty, sharing, in and out of trance. Included in her future plans are hypnosis, travel, and hypnosis. She has a passion for helping others get the most of life.