Antarctica is irrefutably one of the most enchanting and pristine continents existing on the planet. Untouched by human civilisation, the place has a mystic weight to it. Adorned with an array of breath-taking magnetism and a regal vista in the far extends, an expedition to Antarctica will dwell in the collective consciousness of many for eternity.

Cold, Stark and Holding a Beautiful Desolation, Antarctica truly embodies that ‘Otherworld’ which begs to reconnoitre.

It’s Chief Highlights:

Antarctica’s freeze preserves everything. Be it its scientific outposts or travellers camps or abandoned whaling terminus; they appear the same to what they were say- 5 years ago. For the peace-loving soul, this 7th continent will stand nonpareil to any other and journey to this ‘Frozen LA LA Land’ will give your heart a genuine reason to smile!

Expedition to Antarctica

 Regarding the sites to savour, here are some which one can explore.

Witness Paradise at ‘Paradise Bay’:

Paradise Bay situates at the West side of Antarctica, and the place is characterised by still azure water beds and beguiling icebergs. Simply put, this region truly embodies Antarctica. The best time to visit this harbour will be during the Summer Season (as obvious).

Typical sights would be exquisite looking ice sculptures which appear majestic, glistering and tall. Further, the clear skies reflect the magnificence and mightiness of the snowy mountains.

Plus, the show-stealer visual would be albatrosses spreading their imperious 11 ft wings flying across the sky and the leopard seal languidly resting on an ice bed and basking the subtle warmth of the sun.

Time Will Stop, and Everything will Seem Magical Here!

Elephant Island - Point Wild:

History states that this was the barren islet where Sir Ernest Shackleton took shelter with his crew when Endurance (their vessel) got destroyed via Weddell Sea snow. Surely that is one fascinating piece of history which one should feel thrilled about.

This passage on the Point Wild region does boast of spine-chilling cold, and while sailing up to the Point Wild, one will know precisely what these men had to endure. However, with professionals in charge of security and experienced boatman controlling the boat, security will not be a worry. However, those been there before have opined that the place does evoke a sense of eeriness.

Chill by a Visit to the Observation Hill:

From the McMurdo station, it’s just a 30 –40minute trek and the view which one would see from the top will appease your mind off! Travellers who travel to this region will find spectacular views of the Ross Ice Shelf and also mesmerising sights of the Mt. Erebus.

Saunders Island:

This was a place which was discovered in 1775 by Cp. James Cook. The area was once brimming with elephant seals and whale population. However, nothing other than stories are heard today (which is a shame).

The island yet does behold an active volcanic site (Mt. Michael) which is 3248ft from the base and consists of lava ashes formations on the surface. As per history, the last eruption did take place in 2012, and some locals believe that the crater is said to hold a lava lake - which only a few exist in the world.

Lastly, Lunging at Deception Island:

Tours in the Antarctic region are genuinely incomplete without visiting the Deception Island and taking a dive into its hot spring. Just fathom the feeling of bathing in a hot spring amidst the cool Antarctica climate! Sure takes a lot of guts to do that but there is no denying that it is a whole new experience altogether.

The Deception Island locates at the Antarctica South Shetlands and has warm volcanic soil underneath. This is what makes the spring Luke warm and soothing to bathe in.

These are some of those intriguing places which one ought to check out when expediting to Antarctica.

‘This continent beholds fascination in every twist and turn owing to its sharp contrasts. For during the course of the journey, one will find that a hell one day would transcend into a Shangri-la, the very next!’

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The author shares his viewpoints on the best places to include in an expedition to Antarctica and also works as a travel guide for Antarctic expeditions.