Being in the aviation industry, I am sure you heard of EASA. If you don’t know about it, maybe you should consider taking out a little time to study. EASA was founded 17 years ago but reach its maturity only after 6 years of hard work and commitment. The main purpose of EASA, which is an agency of the European Union’s is safety. But, with the rapid growth in the industry, the agency had branched out to a lot of other aspects in the aviation industry. If you do a quick research on the EASA website. You will see that they had branched out to lots of different areas in the aviation industry. They deal with collecting and analyzing safety data, carrying out certification, regulation, and standardization. They also advise on safety legislation and coordinates with similar organizations in other parts of the world. EASA has 32 member states, 800+ aviation experts and administrator and is present in 5 key locations worldwide.

Why is EASA Important?

EASA certification is one of the most recognized certifications in the aviation industry. Almost all the European countries seek for EASA certification before dealing with any aviation business. Having EASA certification boost confidence between two countries in starting a business. EASA safety procedure, safety rule, and norms are so good that ¼ of the world look up to EASA certification for safety clarifications. EASA is playing a very important role in the world aviation industry. Some of the most important roles include.
1. Harmonize safety regulations, drawing technical aviation rules and promoting European and global safety standards.
2. Giving approval to companies that produce, design, manufacture and maintain aeronautical products.
3. Developing the single EU ( European Union) aviation market and providing safety oversight and support to EU countries.
4. Working with international stakeholders to improve safety in Europe.
5. Providing certification of aircraft and components to organizations and institutions.
The Impact of EASA in India and South Asian Countries
India is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. And, over the next 20 years, South Asia’s air traffic is forecast to have the highest growth rate in the world. That being said, EASA had come up with a project which is name EU-South Asia Aviation Partnership Project. The aim of this project is to,
1. Build and maintain stronger relations between South Asian and European Institutions in the field of civil aviation.
2. Increase technical support and exchange between the South Asian and European aviation industries.
3. Helps and supports South Asia in developing its capacity for safety oversight.
4. It helps to improve the environmental performance of the South Asian aviation sector.
Some of the leading players in the Indian aviation industry are planning to make more investment to MRO ( Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul/Operation) facilities so that they can meet the EASA requirement. The Indian civil aviation will be able to do good business from other airlines once they are EASA certified.

EASA Approved Colleges and Training Organizations in India
There are lots of EASA approved colleges and training organizations throughout the country. But, if you are specifically looking for the best aircraft maintenance engineering colleges in Mumbai, You have TIAT (Thakur Institute of Aviation Technology) who had been pioneering in the industry for the last 13 years. There is no doubt that the IIA group is also one of the most recognized institutes in India. But, to excel in the aviation industry you have to know the in and out of the aircraft and it’s related rules and norms. The world is changing and so is the teaching and learning process. Those blackboard and chalk days are gone. In this age of technology, every college and training organization should equip themselves with the latest teaching trends, such as Virtual reality and 3D modeling. Particularly when it comes to teaching about critical technical equipment like aircraft and its parts.
EASA is one of the most recognized agencies in the aviation industry. If you are planning to take up some aviation courses. You should have a basic idea about EASA and it’s importance. Studying and understanding the usefulness of EASA will not only help you understand the industry more but you will also be seen as a professional in the aviation industry. The points mentioned above are some of the most important things you should keep in mind about EASA. If you have any insight or points you will like to add. Please comment us, We love to read your comments.

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MRO Association of India awarded the Thakur Institute of Aviation Technology with Academic Leadership Award for Best Aircraft Maintenance Engineering institute in India.