Why Am I So Shy: How To Eliminate Shyness

Being shy can be a real worry for most people. Sometimes shyness can be a self fulfilling prophecy, where people are so uncomfortable at parties or other events that they don't go out, or actively avoid others company. This is clearly a damaging cycle, while being shy can also make you struggle at work, especially in job interviews, where it can lead to people with less ability but better self promotion skills getting ahead when they are not necessarily the best candidate.

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So, while being shy is sometimes a useful self defence mechanism, at its worst it has definite problems and can stop people leading lives to the best of their ability.

All this means, on balance, that you need to tackle being shy, or you may not get the promotion you deserve, or meet the man/woman/other being of your dreams.

In the immediate to short term, there are ways you can limit how badly being shy effects you. If you are at parties, or social events, with people you don't know then you will have to face small talk. So be prepared for it, by thinking about what's popular, current news events and topics, and make sure you have formulated some opinions, or at least have some views if you are asked. This preparation also offers psychological comfort that you feel less like you are going into the unknown.

One other thing to think about is the fact that people are not always judging you. It is very difficult for the shy person to feel comfortable with this, but you know from your own experiences this is true. Can you remember what everyone wore at the last party you were at? I'd be surprised!

In the long run if being shy is seriously affecting you then you might want to consider some form of counselling or online therapy. This is needed as once the brain is working on emotions, or basic parts of the brain governing fear and anxiety become involved, rational thought just won't calm you. Some mental re-training is the most effective method of tackling shyness.

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People often look for panic attack remedies that pertain to their work. Work related stress is something that everyone experiences to varying degrees. Work related stress is defined as the reaction to pressure or demands that are placed upon a person in the workforce.

A certain amount of stress put on a person is perfectly normal and healthy. Healthy stress keeps a person alert and working to the fullest of their abilities. The problem starts to arise when the stress starts to overload a person ad they start to suffer from things such as panic disorders.

Here are some simple panic attack remedies that you can easily initiate while at work:

1) Move around the office. If you just stay stagnant in one spot you tend to build up stress. If you simply get up out of your chair every once in a while you will notice that the extra movement will give you some relief from the stress and anxiety that you are feeling. I personally like to keep fit, and like to go for a nice jog or a walk after work to help keep my head clear.

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2) Make sure you take deep breaths. When you start to feel anxiety arise try to concentrate on your breathing. People tend to take shallow and quick breathes when they are nervous or angry. This type of breathing causes you to get light headed... When people get light headed they start to get worried and before they know it they are suffering from other symptoms like tightness in their chest Then all of a sudden you have a full fledged panic attack on your hands. Just control your breathing to help ward off panic attacks.

3) Break your work off into small tasks. People don't realize that a good panic attack remedy is to break their work off into manageable pieces. When you are over worked you feel a lot of stress on you. If you break up your work into easily digestible goals, you take off a lot of the stress that you may face when you have to deal with a huge project

Once you start to implement these panic attack remedies you will notice that you start to get more in tune with your body ad your mind. If you can deal with the initial trigger that causes you to have panic attacks, then you can get to the point where you avoid panic attacks all together. You simply need to modify some of your behaviors that cause the anxiety in the first place.

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Maybe you thought you were going to die. It was a horrible experience and you really don't understand why it happened. Are you physically ill or was it something else. Take a moment to review these anxiety panic attack symptoms and see if they don't match up with what you went through.

Anxiety attack is kind of a misnomer in that anxiety is a general condition that may cause the specific event we call a anxiety attack. Anxiety panic attack symptoms usually start with an elevated sense of anxiety. If you felt something was just wrong. If you thought impending doom was right around the corner this would qualify as an elevated state of anxiety.

It's when that anxious state gets to a point that it triggers a message in the brain that there is imminent danger that things start to get dicey and a panic attack occurs.

Symptoms of a panic attack can vary from person to person but it is common to experience a tightening of the chest muscles which in turn makes it difficult to breathe. When this occurs the normal response is to panic because of its closeness to a heart attack symptom and that response just increases the anxiety level.

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Another of the common anxiety attack symptoms is a sense that you are losing control of your body. You may find it difficult to walk or move an arm. You have to understand that a fight or flight response has been triggered by an irrational fear and that response, not an illness or other danger, is what's causing these symptoms. In other words it will pass.

Irrational fear is a core symptom of a panic attack. This is the anxiety that causes the physical response. What causes the fear is something that may take you a good long time to figure out but know that the attack is not based on real danger but a perceived danger.

There are other anxiety attack symptoms that may occur but just remember that they will pass. Nobody has ever died from an anxiety panic attack and managing and controlling those events can be a relatively easy thing to learn.

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Panic attack signs come in so many different shapes and sizes that people often mistake them for other illnesses. The thing with panic attacks is that they are actually a behavioral condition that manifests physical symptoms. When these symptoms appear they are often scary and confusing to the people who are suffering from them.

A common panic attack sign is aching muscles and a general feeling of fatigue. When you start to have a panic attack or when your body is under stress all of your muscles tend to tighten up. These muscles tighten up and the person experiencing the attack doesn't even notice it until it's too late.

Anxiety pains mostly occur in the upper body, specifically the neck, shoulder, and the chest. These pains are really scary... many people think they are having some sort of heart problem. The tension in your chest can lead to difficulty breathing and some rib pain.

Pains in your neck and shoulder can lead to nerve damage and can also mess up your blood flow. These blockages can lead to some symptoms such as headache or migraines. You may also notice some tenderness or pain in your head when this happens.

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Some people also feel a tingling or numbness on their face or scalp. This deadness can also spread around your eyes, to your cheeks, all the way down to your jaw. Often people confuse these symptoms with something else, which often leads to more anxiety! The simplest way to get rid of these symptoms is to massage your neck and shoulders.

Another panic attack sign is an increase in your heart rate. When your body goes into fight or flight mode your nervous system lets your heart know that it's time to start beating rapidly. This increase in heart rate increases blood flow throughout your body.

Your body increases blood flow throughout to increase the amount of oxygen that is supplied to your muscles. This happens to all people... Your body instinctively does this and there is nothing you can do about it once it starts happening. The problem is that this reaction happens, even if the danger that your body is reacting too is just from your mind.

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