Why Am I Not Pregnant After 6 Months? Been Trying To Get Pregnant For 8 Months

My husband and I have been having unprotected, quality sex regularly after our wedding. Why am I not pregnant after 6 months? What am I doing wrong? This is one of several emails that keep flowing into my inbox on a daily basis. Let me use this medium to share for the benefits of other women who are experiencing difficulty getting pregnant.

Why am I not pregnant after 6 months? Relax. Soon, you will be able to conceive and have beautiful and healthy babies once you can follow instructions.

Under normal circumstance you should be able to get pregnant within 6 months of trying. Now, this is the time to be patient and find out what you may be doing wrong. You must avoid the following mistakes if you are trying to get pregnant.

Do you always have sex at the right time? If you are having sex at the wrong time your chances of getting pregnant is slim. To get pregnant naturally, you must have sex when you are ovulating. Having sex when you are most fertile will increase your chances of having a baby. You must monitor your monthly cycle to be able to known when you are ovulating.

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Go do a test to find out if you have high levels of FSH or follicle stimulating hormone. This hormone is produced by your pituitary gland to trigger your ovaries to produce egg every month. If your ovaries are not functioning well, you may have high levels of FSH, thereby making it difficult to get pregnant. I will show you where you can get the best help to cure high FSH safely and naturally to make it easy for you to become pregnant fast.

You need to check your stress level. High levels of stress can affect your sex life in a very significant way. You need to find ways to eliminate stress from your life as soon as possible to make it easy for you to get pregnant. Learn some quick relaxation techniques if you want to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Do you quickly rush out of bed after sex to wash your vagina? It is wise you lie down for sometime to allow sperm remain inside your vagina. If you noticed that sperm tend to flow out of your vagina after sex, you need to raise your buttocks with a pillow to help you keep sperm inside your vagina.

Have you considered your overall health? In fact, the health of your kidney can affect your chances of getting pregnant. Learn to take good care of your kidney to get pregnant safely and naturally. Make healthy lifestyle changes. Learn to maintain a healthy and safe weight, eat a healthy diet, and reduce the intake of caffeine.

Are you taking some medications to treat other health problems? Certain medications can make it difficult to get pregnant. Read the labels and even consult your doctor to find out if any medication is sabotaging your efforts to become pregnant.

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I sometimes hear from people who don't want to leave anything to chance when they are trying to become pregnant. So, they decide that they are going to have sex every day once their menstrual cycle is over. And many wonder if this all they need to do in order to successfully conceive.

I heard from someone who said: "since I'm going to be having sex every day anyway, do I need to take a bunch of tests? I don't need to monitor my ovulation or PH if I'm having sex every day, do I? What does it matter when I'm ovulating if I'm having sex that often?" I will try to address this concern in the following article.

The Theory Of Too Much Sex Lowering Sperm Count: Many people pass on the having sex every day strategy because they worry that doing this will lower a man's sperm count and make becoming pregnant less likely when it really counts. People have different opinions of the validity of this theory but if low sperm count is a concern in your situation, you may want to consider abstaining a day before you expect ovulation just to ensure that the sperm count is as high as possible. (And you'd probably want to check with an ovulation predictor to be sure about your timing.)

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Timing Matters When Care About Your Baby's Gender: It's true that if you don't care which gender your baby is, then your timing really doesn't matter as much. If you do nothing to swing the odds in your favor, then you have roughly a fifty percent chance of getting either gender. But if you care as to whether you have a boy or a girl, then your timing can matter. And this is why you will want to know when you ovulate. Because if you want a boy baby, then you will want to have sex after ovulation but you will want to avoid the days right before it. And if you want a girl baby, you will want to stop having sex once ovulation happens.

The reason for this is that you are trying to maximize the strength of the sperm chromosomes that you want to fertilize your egg. For example, if you want a girl baby, then you want for the X sperm to be successful so you want to conceive early (and before ovulation) because this will encourage the weaker Y or boy producing sperm to die off. The opposite is true when you want a boy baby. And there are other considerations as well (like PH and the sexual positions used.) But if you are trying to conceive certain gender, I would most definitely recommend checking for ovulation using a good ovulation predictor and then attempting to conceive based on the optimal timing for the gender that you want.

However, if you don't care about your baby's gender and you don't need any reassurance that you are actually ovulating, then checking isn't as important.

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Have you been wasting big amounts on curing yeast infection? After reading this article I am sure you will never waste cash again and still treat yeast in an effective manner. Yeast infection is a common occurrence especially among women. So, please do not panic instead try out natural and effective ways that can provide relief to you quickly.

Here are 7 most effective cures for yeast infection

One of the simplest remedies to cure yeast in an effective manner is by eating fresh yoghurt. It contains bacteria that are essential to kill the yeast. Yoghurt is also applied on the vagina and left over night to remove the infection and it hardly costs anything.

Tea tree oil is easy to purchase and will not cost you a bomb. It works best on yeast in the diluted form. Before applying the oil to the vagina, dilute it in water.

Garlic is certainly to be found in your home refrigerator. Simply make it a part of your diet. If you can eat fresh chunks of it, it can work faster. You can also put the garlic in your vagina by wrapping it in a cloth.

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Make it a habit to buy cotton panties. They are comfortable, lose and breathable allowing the air to circulate in it. This does not allow the bacteria to breed, helping you cure the yeast.

Lemon is high on acid that can treat the yeast infection. Add lemon juice to your bath water every day and see the infection vanishing in a short while.

Cranberries are yummy to taste and its juice is refreshing. Just grab a glass of fresh cranberry juice and treat your taste buds. This same juice is also effective in killing the yeast infection.

Apple cider vinegar can be easily obtained from the neighborhood stores. Dilute the same and apply it to the affected areas. Repeated use of apple cider vinegar will help you get rid of yeast.

Aren't these methods cost effective and I am sure they will prove effective in curing your yeast infection as well. Go take a look in your kitchen and use any of the above to remove the yeast.

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With yeast infections occurring frequently, people are now turning to natural remedies to find an inexpensive and lasting cure. Over the counter medication, does prove helpful, but many fear the side effects. With natural remedies one can easily fight back the yeast infection and not worry about any side effects. If you are vulnerable to yeast infection, try these natural cures and free yourself of the problem.

Here are 7 natural remedies for the yeast infection.

Tea tree oil is one of the popular remedies to cure yeast infection. It can be easily obtained from a nearby store. Apply tea tree oil to the affected areas, and feel relief instantly. However, make sure that you dilute the oil before applying.

Yoghurt is good to taste and the bacteria present in it can cure the yeast. Yoghurt should also be applied to the vagina for better results. Take a tampon, dip it in the yoghurt and insert in the vagina. Repeating this twice in a day will give you positive results.

Garlic is loved by many for the antifungal and antiseptic properties it has. You can either eat fresh garlic or place it in your vagina. The garlic chunks need to be peeled of their skin and then placed in a soft cloth to put in there.

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I am sure most of us love cranberries. Did you know it can flush out the yeast from your body? Drink three glasses of cranberry juice a day and take a leave from the yeast infection.

Probiotics are small organisms already present in the vagina that cure the yeast. These organisms are made available in tablet forms. Take them as prescribed, as they are good natural remedy to yeast.

Wearing a clean underwear and lose fitting clothes are of great importance to cure the yeast infection. Make sure you use cotton panties that are breathable and provide no ground for the bacteria to breathe.

Olive leaf and grape fruit combination works well to cure yeast. Take the extracts of olive leaf and grape fruit, mix it well in water and drink it as a tonic. The properties present in them instantly starts curing the yeast.

These natural remedies have no side effects and can treat the yeast infection right from the first application itself.

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