Driving anxiety? It is obviously not a big deal for people who are not planning to drive a car in the future. However, this cannot be said the same for people who love car, especially the one who needs car for his job. So, how does one figure out whether he got driving anxiety or not? Ask yourself, when you put your hands on the sterling, does your heart beat increase rapidly? Do you find yourself experience a difficulty to take a smooth breathes? Is your body starting to sweats? Is your chest felt tight? If you are experiencing these emotions, there is a high chance that you are suffering from driving anxiety.

Driving anxiety could be a problem if you didn’t treat it as soon as possible. In fact, many people who are suffering from this symptom have given up driving all together. In this situation, it is much better for you to find a way to conquer your fear instead of running away or ignoring it. Understanding how driving anxiety works and why you are so scared of driving are the best way to overcome this problem. As you can see, inability to drive could prevent you from doing many things; visiting your family or friends, or going for holiday vacations or beaches. Good thing is this condition can be treated or overcome if you know what you need to do with it.

Anxiety happens because of the brain conditioning, and the subconscious mind. If the brain has been conditioned to experience fear, that person will feel anxious and nervous. It is completely understandable for you to feel fear, and nervous when you are driving. You are afraid of every possible danger that you could face during your journey. Knowing a lot of automobile accidents did not help either in this matter. It only fuels your anxiety towards driving more. Fortunately, this conditioning can be reversed. The reversal is rather simple, and it takes a short time to do so once you understand how it works.

Believe in yourself is the key to overcome your fear of driving. Convince yourself that driving a car is just like riding a bicycle or motorcycle. If you are perfectly fine with riding a motorcycle or bicycle, especially on the road, there is no reason for you to fear of driving a car. In order to increases your confident further, you can get mechanic to do some check-up or maintenance on your car conditions. This will put some of your unease feelings about your car away. There is no rush for you to overcome your fear in a short time. Driving on the busy road from get-go is obviously not a good choice. You need to get used of driving your car, and the best approach is to drive on it every day. Find a place that is not crowded with people or cars to do so. You do not have to do it alone. Get your friends or family to accompany you when you are driving. This will greatly reduce your anxiety and nervousness level because your subconscious mind knows that there is someone who will help you if you are messed up.

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