The best way to find out how much love your skin needs is by looking at your makeup routine. Is a full coverage foundation something you prefer or has it become a necessity? If you like your beauty products to cover every bit of your skin and are happy that way, it’s perfectly fine. However, when necessity overtakes preference, that is when you know that your skin is screaming out for help.

The best way to treat your skin is to go for all natural beauty products that would not only correct the current issues that are troubling you but will also help you avoid certain other problems in the future.

Here are 5 reasons why all natural beauty products are better for you -

1. Your Skin Absorbs The Nutrients - What you put on your skin is what you get. If you put in harsh chemicals that you probably don’t need on your skin, your body will respond in kind by getting out of balance. For example - if you are suffering from acne, instead of leaping straight for Retinol and Benzoyl Peroxide, why not try a few natural products?

There are several brands like Plum manufacturing all natural products tailored specifically for acne and blemish prone skin. Their Green Tea range is amazing for controlling oil, eliminating blackheads, keeping bacteria at bay, and giving you natural and glowing skin.

2. Results are Long Lasting - It is true that chemical laden products provide instant results that are easier on the patience and psyche of a person. However, the harmful effects of these products is pretty well known. Wouldn’t you prefer something that acts a little slower but gives you a lifetime of problem free skin? Those who wait reap the biggest rewards and that is the motto of all natural beauty products.

3. No Irritation - A lot of people argue that natural beauty products contain the active ingredient in small quantities and are, therefore, gimmicky. These people are wrong because concentration control is the surest way of avoiding any irritation to an already inflamed skin. For instance, if you dilute tea tree oil with a lot of carrier oil, your skin would get better at a gradual pace without any redness.
If you directly attack your skin with a harsh chemical, you will have to go through the transition symptoms before your skin gets better. Even after that, a chemical laden product would stop working once you stop using it while that is not true for natural products.

Decide yourself whether you want the long term benefits of all natural products or long term harmful effects of chemical laden products in your life. The decision would be a simple one.

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