You may, like some, be put off by what you perceive as the religious nature of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Today, there is an AA group for you no matter where you fall on the completely-religious to totally-secular spectrum. AA is very clear that it's for everyone, not just people of faith. Today, there are about 150 AA groups that cater to humanists.

5 Reasons to Make AA Your First Step Towards Sobriety

1. It works. It's as simple as that. The results speak for themselves. Dr. John Kelly, a clinical psychologist specializing in addiction at Harvard Medical School, asserts (with evidence) that AA is among the most effective means of treating alcohol addiction.

2. You'll finally get to admit you can't control your alcohol use. And no one, not one single soul in your AA group, will wag a finger at you, condemn you, or make you feel bad. Instead, you'll meet a great bunch of folks, some who are working on sobriety and admitting when they slip, some who've managed sobriety for a while, and some who've gone decades without a drink, and not one of them will think they're one iota better than you.

3. You'll learn to tell the truth, the personal truth, and sharing that truth will set you free. You'll be surrounded by people cheerfully admitting they're screw-ups without the slightest fear of being mocked. You'll learn to talk about the anger and resentment you feel towards others, and you'll learn the truth in some old clichés, for instance, that resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other guy to get sick.

4. You will grow confident that life can be fun and happy without drinking. You'll find yourself laughing at others and yourself as you share things you'd never share with someone outside your AA group. You'll see, first hand, that not only is there life after alcohol, there's a better and happier life.

5.You will learn to be a better you. And you'll do this by continually taking stock of your progress and being honest about that progress.

But I Think I Need to Go to Rehab

Then you should go to rehab. Just don't be surprised if during your in-patient treatment the staff find you a great AA group to cheer you and support you as you continue your new and better life. Rehab can really kickstart the sobriety process and get you through those first critical weeks. Perhaps staff will recommend an alcohol detox treatment. Detoxing can cause jitters so it may be best to do it in an in-patient facility.

Why Does Alcoholics Anonymous Work?

In a Harvard Gazette article, researchers say the evidence points to two primary factors. The first is that in AA you spend more time around people who are actively trying to help you stay sober. Simply put, you get a new group of loyal friends who want you to succeed. Friends matter. The second factor is that, as a result of being around people who are thriving on sober living, you will gain increased confidence that it is possible. When you see other recovering alcoholics having fun and living meaningful lives without alcohol, you begin to gain confidence that you too can live a happy, alcohol-free life. If you're curious to learn more and are anywhere in Southwest Florida, Fort Myers alcoholics anonymous welcomes you.

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