There may be times when you might ask yourself, “Why on earth am I using tobacco rolling papers, when I have ready-made sticks in the market?”

You are not the only bloke with this thought — there are others as well who would think alike. But if you are to believe the seasoned smoking enthusiasts, you belong to the league of those extraordinary gentlemen, who would like to see things differently in every aspect of life.

Even when it comes to smoking, these people inculcate that element of difference. If you are following them, you are only adding a bit of style statement of your own. That is where using these rolling tobacco papers make such a difference.

The vanity attached….and the process!!

You can get cigarettes in the market. Just grab a pack of them, pay for the pack, open it, pick one up, put it in between your lips, light it up and puff off!!! That’s the end of the story!!! What is new in it? Everyone around you does the same.

But if you like to add a bit of adventure in the entire thing and add something unique, that is when you would need to to use these rolling papers.

Think of the element of finesse that is attached with the procedure of preparing your own sticks with the help of the best rolling papers. It has so many things involved. You take the best tobacco leaves of your choice, put them on the rolling tray, smash the leaves and mix shredded cloves with the tobacco if you feel like, to add taste.

You then pile and shape the tobacco, using a card or your fingers in the form of a cigarette. You make sure the tobacco is not too compact. Once you are done, it’s time to bring into action the rolling paper.

Rest on the edge of the paper between your middle finger and your thumb. Hold it in its crease with the index finger of the same hand. Now use the other hand for adjusting the paper into an open, creased chute.

Now, s-l-o-w-l-y fill the crease of the rolling paper with tobacco so much so that it does not spill out of the edges. Now start rolling the paper thick or thin as per your choice. Leave some space at one end to insert the filter.

Once the rolling is complete, stick the loose end with the wetness of your inner lower lip. Now pinch back the tobacco bits jutting out before lighting the cigarette.

So you see, the entire process is so delicate and enjoyable. There are rooms of innovation in every step that you take to prepare your stick. It is this vanity a style that makes the process so rich in terms of class.

Indeed, the ones who use these rolling tobacco papers are indeed a class apart. If you are one of these elite class, thank your choice — for you indeed belong to the league of those extraordinary gentlemen who puff — DIFFERENTLY!!!

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The author owns a store that sells the best tobacco rolling papers along with other smoking stuff. The author is also a regular blogger who is followed by many.