More and more people are interested in making money online and Internet marketing. But a lot of people simply don’t know where to start. For these newbies, I’d strongly recommend affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing basically means that you’re acting as an affiliate and helping to sell the products of other vendors. When you make a sale, you’ll be paid a percentage of the sale price as your commission.

The reason that affiliate marketing is ideal for Internet marketing newbies is because it is one of the easiest ways to start making money online.

As an affiliate marketer, you don’t need to worry about building or creating your own product. You don’t have to think about what type of product to create and whether there’s sufficient demand for that product.

Imagine putting in a lot of time, money and effort into making something only to discover that nobody wants to buy it!

In affiliate marketing, all the risks and work associated with having a product lie solely with the product’s owner and seller. If you find that the product doesn’t sell well, simply switch to selling another vendor’s product. Cutting your loss is definitely easier as an affiliate.

And if you think about all the headaches associated with carrying your own product, your loss in terms of time, money and effort can add up.

For instance, you’ll have to spend money to store your product in a warehouse every month. You’ll also need to arrange for your product to be delivered or shipped, another item of cost which can be very high.

And if customers have any problems with the product, the first person they’ll approach to solve their problems will naturally be the product’s seller. You’ll have to handle these complaints yourselves or even hire people to provide customer service support.

As an affiliate marketer, you won’t have all these hassles and problems to deal with. And as a newbie in Internet marketing, one less problem can mean the difference between moving ahead and giving up.

Taking part in affiliate marketing, however, doesn’t mean zero work or effort. You’re running an online business after all. And you’ll still need to do some Internet marketing to build your business.

You’ll still need to set up your own website or landing page. That means you’ll need a domain of your own as well as a hosting account. Once you’ve set those up, what you’ll have to focus on is driving traffic to your website and building a list.

And traffic generation and list building are entire topics in themselves which I’ve covered in my other articles.

Internet marketing can seem bewildering to the newcomer. To make a living online, there are many new things you’ll need to learn. Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to get up to speed fast. You can leave the complicated stuff of selling your own product to others. What you’ll only need to focus on to ensure your online success are the essentials like traffic generation and list building.

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