A lot of business around is world is conducted in English. In almost all little corners of the world you can find people that speak English, even if they only know a few words. Well for all of those people who speak a little English, someone has taught it to them. There is actually a whole industry that has sprung up in recent years where college students or older people who are native English speakers taking a year or two away from their regular lives and going to a foreign location to teach English to those who want to pick up the language.

Unfortunately, because of the supposed chance to earn money in exotic locations, it is also an industry rife with fraud and abuse. Sometimes it is on the hiring side, where companies will recruit gullible students and tell them they can go somewhere like China and teach English and then will give them a short little course over a weekend or maybe a few days and then pack them off. Sometimes the pay for these supposed jobs is bad or nonexistent and it winds up not helping either the supposed teacher or the unlucky students.

Because the fraud is not good for anyone, a commission has come into existence to monitor the people who recruit teachers and the courses that they offer to make sure that when someone goes to a foreign country they are able to actually teach and the students are actually able to learn. This commission is called the World TEFL Accrediting Commission and they have several different areas where they are working to improve the teaching of English as a foreign language. One of the things they try to do is set standards when it comes to teaching the teachers. They have guidelines that courses must follow to be accredited. Now, of course, not all of the teachers will want to work through an accredited program, but if they are really interested in getting hired by a reputable firm that will treat them right and pay them a competitive wage, and they want to increase their chances of being attractive to such a firm, then it is probably a good idea to get trained in World TEFL Accrediting Commission approved training.

The requirements for this World TEFL Accrediting Commission accreditation are stringent, but not so difficult that most decent training programs could not reach that level. In this way, the World TEFL Accrediting Commission tries to make sure that reasonable instruction can be obtained by people who really want to provide it.

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Robert Had is offering intensive World TEFL Accrediting Commission is an accrediting body of TEFL/TESOL courses and course providers.