So you have a small crack in your windshield. No big deal, right? Wrong. You may be surprised that a seemingly small crack can end up causing some very big headaches. Here is why a small crack in a windshield can become a big problem.


Believe it or not, a cracked windshield is illegal in most parts of the country, especially if it is in a place that could obscure your driving. If you get pulled over, a cop can give you a ticket for it. In some very serious situations, they can even tow your vehicle. You already have to pay for windshield replacement, you don’t want to pay a ticket or a tow on top of that. Get it fixed before hitting the road again.

Could Shatter Easily

A cracked windshield isn’t nearly as sturdy as it was before the crack. That crack could lead to the entire windshield shattering with just minor impact, sending glass everywhere. There doesn’t even have to involve impact for the windshield to shatter. In some situations, extreme weather can also cause it. If this happens, you and anyone else in the car could get seriously injured.

Obscured Driving

If the crack in your windshield is in your line of sight, it may prevent you from being able to fully see what’s happening on the road. While you may think the visibility obstruction isn’t a problem, you likely won’t notice a problem until it’s too late.


Some people use their vehicle to go to business meetings or pick up business partners from the airport. If you have a crack in your windshield, it can make you look unprofessional. Not only will you be embarrassed, but the other party may not think you are responsible enough to work with them.

Could Interfere with Airbags

Your car is interconnected in more ways than you might realize. For example, the windshield acts as enforcement for the front airbag when it deploys. A cracked windshield could result in the airbag not deploying properly. This could lead to you getting hurt.

That crack in your windshield may look small, but it could have some serious implications. Don’t wait to get it fixed. Get the crack repaired by the professionals as quickly as possible so you can drive with confidence again. It’s more than just a matter of aesthetics, though. It’s about safety.

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