There is much pressure these days to save money to pay back debts but there is equal pressure online to spend money unwisely. Christmas is coming and many people feel anxious at the thought of having little money to spend on presents and yet with a little thought you can create the most marvellous, imaginative photo gifts online for printing and distributing to family and friends.

One of the most impressive of the photo gift ideas is the photo book which is a brilliant invention as it enables people to make their own photo books online that look incredibly impressive when printed, that are unique but cost very little money especially if you go to a website such as Bonusprint.

Photo gifts are an eclectic mix of everyday items that become unique because of the addition of digital photographs that are uploaded to specialist photo printing websites. One of the cheapest photo gifts is the photo card which can be a birthday card, a thank you card or a Christmas card that has been personalised with your unique photograph.

Another of the photo gifts ideas that usually costs very little but is always a popular gift is the personalised photo calendar which is usually available in a number of styles and sizes and is personalised with one or more uploaded digital photos for each month. Photo gift ideas such as a photo calendar offer the recipients not just a wonderful item to hang on their walls but a useful guide to when people’s birthdays are coming up as each person’s photo can be inserted on their special day.

One of the most commented upon of the photo gift ideas is the photo canvas print which comes in various shapes and sizes and turns a lovely photograph into a genuine work of art. There are many ways that a photo canvas print can be adapted to create a photo gift that is exceptional, especially when the photo canvas is part of a set of uploaded digital images.

There is little dispute that the very best of the photo gifts that are available for creating online is the photo book which looks and feels just like a picture book that can be bought in any High Street store, but when looked at a little more closely, contains in its brilliantly designed pages, numerous photographs of friends and family with their names, the locations and dates written in captions below.

Most people leave their digital images at risk within their phones or hard drives but if you take a few minutes uploading your favourite digital images to a specialist website you can create a family photo album that can be printed any number of times to create a truly special and memorable photo gift.

Personalised gifts are not expensive but they show a great deal of thought behind the photo gifts which can turn a cheap item into a priceless present that will be treasured for years to come. Do not leave your digital images in the virtual world; release them to be proudly displayed on photo gifts such as coasters, place mats, school bags, fridge magnets, mugs and photo canvas prints.

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