As a dedicated network marketer there are problems we face as entrepreneurs when evaluating, selecting, and working our network marketing opportunity. After reading this article there should be no way you don't dominate inside your network marketing opportunity.

The First problem is lack of upline help. By far this is the most common, and the most annoying out of ever issue you may face. Not having a good and dedicated upline leader is essentially the same as your parents leaving you on the step of a neighbor as a child. No one likes to be left by themselves to figure out every aspect of networking alone

This problem is such a bad thing because it destroys friendships, creditability, TRUST, and confidence.

Secondly, when choosing a network marketing opportunity, you will run into more problems if you do not have an effective way to market your business. NETWORK MARKETING IS NOT A NUMBERS GAME, BUT ADVERTISING IS. The more scientific your advertising, the better you can control your money flow. Advertising boils down to testing, tracking, and conversions. While it is not always necessary to spend money to advertise (EX: Free MLM Leads blogging) you must advertise in some sort of manner to attract the most interested prospects to you.

The number three problem is becoming a member of the crowd. How many times have you seen the ads on your Facebook wall, that say Join my business... It's the best... Highest Pay out... Best Comp Plan. BLAH BLAH BLAH. What makes you and your business different? Why would a prospect want to join you instead of they guy over there that is selling compensation Miracle pop corn. If you don't allow your personality, expertise, and most importantly leadership to shine then you will constant lose out on YOUR share of hot prospects.

Patience is another reason many struggle with network marketing opportunities. Let me set the record straight, YOUR LEVEL OF SUCCESS IS A REFLECTION OF YOUR DETERMINATION. No one who is a success today didn't become a success without overcoming some type of struggle. No matter the obstacle don't quit no matter what.

Last but not least, when joining a network marketing opportunity, make sure you are connected to a leader who is able to show you how to use your inner talents, and strengths to allow you to fully thrive. Not everyone will be successful with the exact same system, and your mentor must understand people enough to help you succeed using YOUR STRENGTHS. For example you may not have the best PR skills, but you may master internet relationship building. IF you mentor tries to force you down one path, and that path isn't congruent with you ability then you should re-evaluate. The same goes if you are excellent with belly to belly networking, then your mentor shouldn't force you to use the internet.

All in all, when you have the correct combination of mentor and protege the leverage of residual income is absolutely beautiful. Don't stop reaching for the stars.

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