For most guys, unfaithfulness may not be a spur of the moment thing. There is more to it than losing control of their urges. There are many explanations for the unfaithfulness. Read on to learn more about these causes.

The ego was in charge. Early in the marriage, his wife may have thought he was the greatest guy who walked the earth. But a few years of showing her what he’s really made of could have shifted her perspective. Once the true colors are out, the man might think it out of the question to impress his wife who understands him inside out. It would take a lot more to impress his wife, and so his ego needs some stroking. This craving for attention drives him to find a woman who will think he’s the best. At times adult men don't feel like they're attractive to the lady anymore. Therefore, a girl expressing attention poses an irresistible allure.

Not enough intimacy may be the main cause of why a number of married men cheat. He needs a physical relationship. The two-timing might have been the result of the guy craving for sex. If a man is particularly fascinated with variety, two-timing is inevitable when the temptation is there. In this type of scenario, the man wants to try different partners. Some men are fascinated with the differences between women, and they need to sample each one. For some men, the need for variety is inherent.

Growing apart within a marriage may be among the reasons. The guy isn't growing quickly enough for the lady, or vice versa. Maybe the simple casualness is used up. Growing apart may occasionally mean the guy and the lady do not see eye to eye. The guy may be realizing that he has so little in common with his wife. He may feel more emotionally linked with a new girl. He may additionally have met her in one of his hobby places. Once he meets a remarkable woman, he will keep on wondering if they’re as comfortable with one another in bed.

The bickering may also be getting to him. When a married couple argues a lot, much of the love goes down the drain. Guys will feel pressured into a role they may not want to be in. For example, being the breadwinner in the family may become a source of stress. Cheating turns into a man's reprieve. He needs to escape from a very critical partner who may have lost respect for him.

Not having obligations. Some men rely on wives to be the emotional backbone in the family, but this laissez-faire approach could have the opposite effect. The guy may feel like he is free to wander, and leave all the stressing about the family up to the woman. His spouse will not even notice as she's too busy rearing him and their children.

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Remaining in a marriage because of kids could lead to the married couple calling it off or seeking other people to fill their emotional needs. A married couple needs to think long and hard about their future after a indiscretion event.