I believe that a blog can have a very positive effect on most people, and maybe especially those fighting depression, unemployment and boredom. It will not solve all problems in a minute or two, but it can for sure help people take small steps towards a brighter future.

There are tons of articles on the Internet dealing with how you can make money on your blog. In fact, I have written some similar articles myself. But when it comes to growing in your personal life, purpose is much more important than money. And for many that is exactly what a blog gives, purpose. The good thing is that it isn't hard to start, so if you feel really down as you read this, you don't need to make any large investments to get your blog going. In fact, you can have your blog and your first article online in 5 minutes. A great place to start is blogger.com or wordpress.com.

Why will a blog have a good effect on my life?
Here comes three reasons why I believe that a blog will have a good effect on your life.

1) To write a blog post you need to have something to write
As you read this article a process has started on your inside. Maybe you think to yourself that you have nothing to write about, or maybe you already have thoughts on what you could write about. The fact that you have started to think about it, means that it has a positive effect on you. If you think that you have nothing to write about, why don't you write about your life and what has made you feel the way that you do? There are thousands of other people who feel the same, and maybe they would get some true help by reading the words of someone facing exactly the same, except that they write about it in their blog.

2) A blog will help you learn new things
When unemployed you often feel a lack of motivation. As you write new articles in your blog you will do research on the subjects you write about, and as you do so, you will keep your brain working hard and grow stronger, even in a very hard time of your life. Maybe you have a hobby or an interest you would love to learn more about. Why don't you write about that? It is a great way to learn more about your hobby and to connect with like minded on the Internet. And who knows, maybe the blog will bring you some income due to ads and affiliate programs in the future?

3) A blog will give you a reason to wake up in the morning
Instead of looking into the future with no hope, you can wake up in the morning and be excited about the new articles you are to write. In addition there will be some excitement as you check your statistics finding out how many visited your site yesterday. After a while you will get some followers, and as they comment your articles you will hopefully realize that your words influence others and have an impact on people.

These were three simple reasons why I believe that blogging can have a positive effect on the lives of people struggling. Much more can be said on the different things mentioned in this article, but I recommend that you read more articles on the subject elsewhere on the Internet, visit the blog I regularly write for (Business and Faith) and do not forget to ask God for help. The latter is so easy that we often forget it.

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