I think its HUGELY important to surround yourself with successful people, especially as a solo-preneur. It’s so easy to get into a rut, working in either many directions and new business initiatives at a time, or working in your business too much that growth is negligible. So, surrounding yourself with successful people helps you stay motivated because you’re inspired by everything they’re doing.

This brings us to a conversation about accountability circles. When we talk about accountability circles, or masterminds, we think about a group of like-minded business colleagues that you like to rally together to bounce ideas around with, and who will keep you on task. Somehow saying your thoughts out loud to others makes them seem that more real.

But who do you choose to be in your circle? Here are our top 5:

1. The motivator – The motivator is the one who keeps encouraging you and maybe agrees with what you say too much. Every idea is a good idea to the motivator, and sometimes that’s exactly what you need. After all, having someone disagree with you all the time and discourage you, isn’t very helpful either.

2. The implementer – This is the person who makes dreams happen, they have tremendous experience in managing projects, and they have a good sense of technology and what does what. The implementer and the motivator could have you in over your head if it weren’t for…

3. The realist – We all need a realist. They poke-holes in ideas, they as “so what,” and they ask why. The realist isn’t a de-motivator, because their thoughts are constructive. They want you to think big, but also think deeply. They’re the one to start to point out potential challenges, which is why of course, you need the…

4. The “out of the box” problem solver – Today’s business challenges often need innovative solutions. You need someone in your circle who has the innovation of the implementer but can find solutions to your challenges in new ways. Along with the realist, you’ve got a power circle forming around you.

5. The think BIGGER – Last but certainly not least is the “Think Bigger,” you may get this individual confused with the motivator, but, their role is to challenge you when you’re not challenging yourself. They’re asking questions you haven’t even thought of, and maybe take you out of your comfort zone. They’re the ones to start asking questions when you’re quiet, to remind you of the gift you have, and how to keep challenging yourself to do more.

Lastly, you want everyone in your circle to be in a similar business as you, not identical, but similar. This way, they have a little more insight into where you’re heading and may have some trade knowledge that may inform your decision making. A significant factor is that there’s trust between everyone at the table, trust that you’ll always show up and bring your best, and trust that all ideas will be discussed constructively with a growth mindset.

Who’s in your circle? Who do you think you are in the mix?

By Peggy Murrah, Founder of PMA Web Services

Author's Bio: 

Peggy Murrah is a unique combination of web and marketing savvy, along with dependability and resourcefulness. These qualities have been instrumental in her building a successful business that serves clientele across five continents. PMA Web Services provides marketing direction and strategies for entrepreneurs through mentoring, social media marketing, list building and management, and development/maintenance of their online presence.