Weight management is a critical part of modern society. If you look around closely, you will surely see a uniform trend of the rise of obesity and weight gain around the world. In our world, there is enough technology to make us sluggish and lazy. The more the technology has made advancement, the lazier we have become. And now we are standing at a threshold where we are pointing a figure at our genes because weight gain is reaching epidemic levels. Most of the fat-salaried jobs make us sit at one place for the whole day. We need to be conscious in order to remain fit and healthy.
Reality check:
Does genes affect weight loss or Weight Gain?
Am I fat because of my genes?
These are some questions that we ask ourselves often. But honestly speaking, it is just like an excuse that our mind makes in order to hide the real truth. I am not saying that weight loss and genetics is not related. It is related but the lion’s share is related to our lifestyle and diet choices. So if you have been procrastinating to choose a healthier lifestyle making an excuse about genes, then stop it right away. Your weight is largely in your hands.

Myth busters:
•Myth 1: ‘No matter how hard I try, I cannot lose weight. It’s in my genes’. If you hear yourself saying this often, then stop and think. Have you tried enough? Or have you tried only half-heartedly and continued with your flawed lifestyle. It is an absolute myth that after trying hard, you have not been able to lose weight.
•Fact: Weight Loss is not about eating only oil-free food. It is a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. Even your thoughts matter. You have to choose a disciplined life if you want a fit physique.
•Myth 2: ‘Everyone in my family is overweight, that’s why I hope no hope for myself’. If you think this, then think again. Do you see your overweight family members working out enough? In most cases, overweight people tend to slacken in their day to day lives which is why they do not burn enough fat to lose weight.
•Fact: If you work out four times a week and maintain a check on your Diet, then no power can stop you from losing weight. There is hardly an exception to eating healthy and working out. You just need a professional weight trainer to help you out.

Things to know:
Genes do play some part in determining your weight and body structure. It is true that many kinds of tests in the modern medical sphere can bring out your genetic make-up in relation to your weight. Knowing your genetic makeup can help the doctors prepare a tailored diet plan for you. But everybody cannot get access to such high-end tests. Does it mean that those people cannot lose weight? Absolutely not. Doctors and experts are strong of the view that weight loss can be done even without knowing anything about your genes.
So rest assured, you can become fit and healthy if you want and your body is in your hands.
How to lose weight irrespective of genes?
•Drink lots of water to aid digestion and boost metabolism.
•Include natural enzymes in your diet to increase the fat burning process.
•Include heavy exercise like cardio, cycling or walking in your daily routine.
•Cut down on all forms of processed sugar from your diet. Go for brown sugar instead.
•Eat after every three hours and keep it light. Do not go hungry for long and then binge eat.
•Eat loads of veggies and fruits every day.
•Stop all processed and junk food for at least three months completely to lose the stored fat.
•After three months you may occasionally go for a cheat diet.
•Do not be demoralized and keep a steady focus on your goal. You will definitely come in shape in no time.
Weight loss Mantra (spell)
So dear folks, please do not ever be intimidated by the idea of losing weight. Your life is your making. You need to take control of your body. The first step is to accept whatever shape and size you are in. Constantly feeling bad about your weight is not going to help anyone. So just have the positive mindset to change for better. Love yourself. Discipline your life and you will never have to blame your genes again.

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