Gentlemen! Before you go through your wallets and get that credit card to send flowers to your ladies, let me ask you if you've researched the extraordinary possibilities of wholesale flowers online. Forget the extravagant dozen rose stems from the local florist that arrive withered and fallen with just a few days to live on them. For about the same price, you can find not one, but two dozen gorgeous and healthy roses that will fill your love room with the sweet scent of rose petals and will stir your heart.

Wholesale flowers offer more variety
Aren't you ready to declare eternal love with multiple dozen roses? After all, roses come loaded with connotations! There are many more wholesale flower varieties to woo your pretty lady with. Consider some bunches of beautiful alstromeria. Don't confuse this delicate and romantic flower with something that won't easily decay either; These flowers are more resistant than they seem. With proper care, alstromeria can be one of the longest-lasting flowers.

Another romantic flower that makes sense at wholesale prices is the gerbera daisy. With its bright eye-catching colors and its large individual flower, the Gerbera is not the weak heart, a large group of Gerbera daisies announces their affection in clear terms and will make their lady's heart sing.

Special wholesale prices make it easy to buy flowers just to spread rose petals on your anniversary bed or to give it a special romantic touch any time of year. You can also dry them and take them with you to spread out on a hotel bed on that romantic getaway, wedding night or special celebration of your love.

Are wholesale flowers easy to buy?
Do you have a credit card? Buy wholesale flowers online with the click of a mouse or with a few quick taps on your iPhone. The flowers are grown on the slopes of the Andes in Columbia and Ecuador, where ideal growing conditions make these some of the brightest, freshest, and toughest flowers you have ever seen. Each stem is collected as it is ready to bloom and delicately wrapped for shipment. Wholesale flower deliveries are made directly to your door, or whatever address you choose. They arrive fresh and charming with flower food packages. Simply trim the stems, put them in a favorite vase, and add the flower food and they will last for more than a week and sometimes more than two weeks.

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