Ready, set, go! Do some mealtime occasions feel like you are on the run from the enemy? Could you possibly enter the Guinness Book of World Records for speed eating your evening meal or your lunch time delights? There’s no one by your side encouraging you to finish your meals in record time nor is there a medal if you do finish first. Why not contemplate the rate in which you nosh and approach your meal time happenings with a calmer pace?

Due to the fact that many Lovely Ladies are just so darn busy with their schedules, their family’s on-goings, not to mention the pace in which time seems to fly by nowadays, it is no wonder women sometimes seem to gobble down their food without a thought to what they are actually doing or slowing down the train to contemplate their meal. Let’s discover some simple, time efficient behaviors that can promote calmness when enjoying food and set yourself up for success.

~Sit Down: chances are if you are not planted in a chair of some sort you will eat faster because you are probably bouncing around and not taking the time to appreciate your food.

~Just Eat: it you are in the habit of doing three other jobs while you are attempting to eat, your body gets caught up in multi tasking and you breeze right through feeding time. Eat!

~TV Off: watching television and enjoying your meal tend to swill together and you lose sight of your mealtime pace, not to mention the pure enjoyment that can be sought. Turn off the box and concentrate on your food.

~Take a Break: there’s nothing wrong with putting down your eating utensils and sitting back to enjoy your fare. Take a breath between mouthfuls and appreciate your servings.

~Dawdle: once your mouth is engorged with your choices take the time to appreciate your spoonfuls. Feel what you are chewing, ponder the textures with your tongue, let your mouth experience the tastes and truly be aware of what you are enjoying.

Rushing through your meals is not very beneficial to your health and well-being for various reasons: weight gain, unappreciated tummy, bloating, overeating and dissatisfaction with your meal. Why not become more aware of your feeding frenzied pace and begin to slow down your process to encourage advantageous outcomes. You’ll love your new food sense.

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