You have to have a clear message to attract clients. Then, you have to have the right marketing to pull in those clients. Then, you better understand the math game (volume) to make it all work. There is definite strategy to business and without realistic practical plans businesses fail. But, I can also share emphatically how those practical plans never get implemented.

One of my first mentors, Adam, said your business will only grow as large as your life. Then, another coach told me my life was my message. My mentor, David, made it very clear that who I am being attracts what I am earning. See a theme here? If you want to increase your income you must uplevel who you are being. To this day if I struggle I can look and find where I am resisting. I can see where I am shrinking. You better believe there is somewhere that I am competing and not serving.

Here are my tips to grow who you are BEING so while you DO you increase your ABUNDANCE.

1) Stop competing. There is no competition. You are as unique as your fingerprints, so unless you have been cloned you live daily in a competition free zone. Be you, deliver value, and ignore the idea of competition.

2) Stop resisting. What do you know you need to do next? Get support, let go of a client, make a plan, or change your life? What we resist becomes our shield to attract clients and income. Release the resistance and release the wall between you and income.

3) Stop pretending. There's a lot of exaggeration that goes on out there. People think if you have a certain house, car, or life you will be more attractive. ; Wanna know what is highly attractive? Being YOU! Stop pretending and start delivering the uniqueness of you.

4) Stop struggling. It truly is optional to make this hard and ugly. There is help, ideas, and support everywhere you turn. There is always your free will. You always have a choice. You can choose to make it hard or make it simple. (I would go with simple -- have done hard).

5) Stop gossiping. Yep-- the truth is most of us never left high school. We still grab the phone and share the latest news or judgment we have about someone. It takes less energy to love than to judge. The more you support others, the more you will succeed.

6) Stop worrying. Somebody is gonna hate you - they just will. Someone will think you are foolish or maybe even crazy, but there will also be the people you save. There will be the people you heal and the people you transform. I think you should focus on them instead.

7) Stop wavering. Make a decision. You don't need the money, time, or resources until you decide to do something. You know right now that there is something you need to do and you keep processing, pondering, and thinking. Make a decision and every opportunity you need will come forth. Isn't that cool?

Be Yourself and Your Business Will Grow.

(c) 2010 Suzanne Evans

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