Faced with the need to create complex parts in a short amount of time where could you turn for a proven Rapid Prototyping service? Let’s be honest here, this is a specialist area, you can’t approach any old team of engineers and ask then to create Machine Design parts from scratch. You want the best, a company that has the skills and the capabilities to take on any type of Rapid Prototyping no matter what this might involve. It’s pointless to approach a firm that has limited experience of Rapid Prototyping you’ll simply be wasting time, money and effort in the process. So who should you entrust with Rapid Prototyping in the future if you want proven results in the future?

Talk to a proven team of Machine Design experts

Look at the facts for a minute. You want 3D deposition modelling, you need Rapid Prototyping and you’re working with short delivery times. Whoever you choose to handle the Rapid Prototyping they’re going to have to make mechanically stable parts to your individual specifications. Know who you should talk to about Rapid Prototyping? Have a consultation with Crutchfield Engineering. They have many years experienced in the field of Rapid Prototyping and deliver a wide range of specialised services on countless projects throughout the year. Give them a call, see their work in action, and experience more from Rapid Prototyping from now on.

Why shop anywhere else for Machine Design?

Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from shopping around when you require Rapid Prototyping. Speak to other firms and find out how experienced they are at Rapid Prototyping, you’ll still come to the same conclusion. It’s hard to match the quality, the industry expertise and the resolute determination to go the extra distance from Crutchfield Engineering, is it any wonder their Rapid Prototyping is held in such high esteem? When you require the best, when compromises can’t be made, make sure your Rapid Prototyping is handled by a proven engineering company, a team that can provide conventional fabrication, cast aluminium or fused deposition modelling depending on your project needs. It’s simple really. The company to choose for first class prototyping is known as Crutchfield Engineering.

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Rapid Prototyping available at crutchfieldeng.co.za. We offer prototype manufacturing, Machine Design using art design software and general engineering services. Look no further and visit us today!