This 37-year-old actor was born in Northern Ireland and, not a big surprise, also works as a model. For example, he did a campaign for Calvin Klein. He has been working for a while in the film and television world: he has appeared in the Marie Antoinette film and the Once upon a time and The fall series. In Fifty shades of gray, he plays the lead role of the mysterious Christian Gray. This film must be his major breakthrough.

Fifty shades of gray, in the cinema from 12 February, is a film adaptation of EL James' bestseller. More than 90 million copies of the trilogy have been sold worldwide. It is therefore one of the best-selling book series of all time.

First of all: massive spoiler alert…. Sort of? Netflix’s runaway British-Irish crime thriller show The Fall ended in 2016 and if you haven’t watched it, then stop reading this!

In The Fall, very flawed and sexy Brit detective Stella Gibson (The X-Files’ Gillian Anderson) comes to Belfast to investigate a string of murders of young women in a Jack-the-ripper-style death-toll of young brunettes. The show also follows Paul Spector (Fifty Shades of Grey’s Jamie Dornan), who is the hunted killer.

We know that Dornan (famous already as the controversial sadomasochist Christian Grey) will not return to the series because - well, he dies in the finale of Season 3. But Gillian Anderson is still alive, still sexy and still shockingly British (her other Netflix series Sex Education is another UK-based sensation) and she could return in future episodes.

Show creator Alan Cubitt announced in 2016 that he had plans for a future for The Fall and since then...nada.


But, pining for one of my favorite cat-and-mouse chases left me wondering: do I want another season of The Fall without the fearsome and intense looming stare of Jamie Dornan.

No. Yes? Shoot! I don’t know. Because I do love my Agent Scully (and even more with her august skinny body and her proper London accent) and I did love it when she would get down and dirty but I have to admit that there are moments when even that was not as big a draw as being terrifyingly turned on by Jamie Dornan. So, maybe if she is hunting Ioan Gruffudd or Ewan McGregor during a break in filming the new Kenobi series for Disney. I could even go for watching her chase an older Irish stud like Gabriel Byrne (born 1950) or a modest vintage like Colin Farrell or Cillian Murphy (both born in 1976). All I know is Irish accents and murder go nicely with a scented candle and a Hitachi wand.

But I’m going to have to find something for this Jamie Dornan withdrawal. His new movie Endings, Beginnings is basically Christian Grey with a British accent and no billions. I might see it. It looks kinda meh. I need something bigger and better than the Jamie Dornan that I’m getting.

I am not alone. A lot of people are left in the lurch following the ending of the Fifty Shades of Grey movies and books. I say that the books are over because I don’t count E L James’ sequel “Grey” series as the same books. I barely classify them as books, at all.

In fact, I have listed all the after-50-shades books that I think fit to print or read on my website at

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