We agree with many of the things that are mentioned, but the question is: how do you find this digital leadership?

They mostly seemed to assume that all CxO’s need to work together for this, but not every company is blessed with a digital savvy management team. Without someone really taking charge of something, we all know it usually doesn’t lead to many results, as everyone is very busy with their jobs.

So to take charge of the digital transformation, we believe that you need someone new: a Chief Digital Officer who becomes a permanent part of the team. He or she doesn’t need to be a digital guru, but rather a digital general manager with all the skills to manage a lot of internal and external change. Later on in the post, we describe what this CDO should be like, but first, you might be wondering whether this role is even needed. What about your existing leadership?

Explaining that makes this a long post, but picking the leader for your Digital Transformation is not a decision that should be made lightly.

We need a Chief Digital Officer

Chief Digital OfficerThe Chief Digital Officer is someone new on CxO level that will be there for the long run. The main reason you need a CDO is that your current CEO is not digital enough to run the company as if it was Uber, Airbnb or Tesla. This possibly creates an awkward situation and perhaps even tensions between the CEO and the CDO that need to be resolved. There has to be a strong partnership between the two or the operation will fail. So what does this CDO look like?

Your CDO needs the following capabilities:

– Leadership and charisma to align all stakeholders to make the transformation happen.

– Breaking down the traditional silos to create a transversal company with new hybrid structures.

– Understanding and managing internal politics and speaking the languages of IT, marketing, strategy, and finance.

– A challenger of everything that is already in place on a strategic, operational and process level.

– A piece of thorough digital knowledge in e-commerce, transactions, marketing, social media, mobile, data.

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