Who Needs a Boot Camp (basic-training) For Learning & Critical Thinking?

Neuroscientists estimate about 83% of students and 76% of executives are missing
the link between knowing and doing. It is called the “critical-thinking” step. Use-it-or-lose-it.

My Pop used to say, “Something for nothing? Nix it, kid.”

At the end of this blog is a free, no strings attached offer that helps your kids ace their grades, classes and exams (including SAT, LSAT, GMAT & MCAT). Don’t nix it. If you are concerned about career promotions and raises (regardless of age), we got something valuable for you too.
Why should executives in the middle of their successful career care? Two-words – Information-Overload, the need to keep up with the latest technology and creativity without stress and anxiety? Are you the Go-To person in your division or team? Is it costing you promotions to stop learning & growing?
There are baby-easy strategies in Boot Camp to discover how-to be that guy.
What Are Endorphins and Dopamine and Who Cares
See if you can permanently remember Endorphins. When you are excited with joy, having an exercise- high, eating spicy food, in love, or through an orgasm, Think Endorphins. They are act like natural morphine and come from the brain and body. They overcome pain and affect your emotions. Good stuff.
Dopamine is a flood of chemicals – neurotransmitters when you have desires and the anticipation of potential rewards. Get this: when we are curious, just gotta know more, want something (new car, new relationship), dopamine levels rise. It permits us to be open-minded and seeking discovery.
Dopamine flow lets us hold a new idea in our Prefrontal Cortex, the brain structure that causes our thinking. PFC decides which thoughts are important and deserve triggering for action. If you want to use critical thinking for winning decisions, increase your levels of dopamine. How? Trigger your PreFrontal Cortex. How? Increase your curiosity and create a sense of desire or need?
Make-Believe is The Law of Acting-As-If
If you “make-believe” new ideas are going to get you a promotion and raise, it has value, and your PFC starts to over-produce Dopamine. Wait – but what if the new stuff is irrelevant, boring and dull?
If I ask you to “make-believe” ‘smile’ right this second, can you do it? Put a phony happy smile on your face. Show the world your teeth. Sure, and a weird thing happens to your mind and body. You automatically feel better and better (if you continue phony-smiling) even though it is false – meaning there is nothing to be happy about.
The Law of Acting-As-If (Professor William James)
Actors do it instantly and so can you. Get this: if you decide to put a nonsense smile on your puss and keep it there for 30-seconds, you cannot, once more – you cannot - feel depressed, angry or stressed. If you maintain this Pan-Am smile (just teeth showing, not eyes squinting) for 50-seconds, you will forget whatever was creating negative emotions originally, and feel new positive feelings.
Your brain turns the make-believe (phony) smile into a real smile. Will you remember this? It is now your new secret strategy to dispel negative forces from your mind and body. Can you teach it to your kids, Significant-Other, and career peers? Wait – if you have a continuing pain in say, your shoulder, getting rid of the emotional blockage can often eliminate the negative physical symptom.
You Control A Lot More of Your Physical Symptoms And Feelings
Yes, our knowledge and experience is that your non-conscious mind (5/6th of your brain) believes whatever you put on your face that indicates joy and happiness - is the real-deal. Phony is only known by your Conscious mind (1/6th) of your acting brain.
If you Act-As-If you desire to learn boring stuff, your mind accepts those new ideas and knowledge as valuable and necessary to your survival. Why? Because your conscious mind sets the goals and the non-conscious carries out the learning activity unquestioningly.
Principle is a Law, Instinct or Reflex
If the principle of Acting-As-If can eliminate negative emotions and even negative physical symptoms by using your PFC and flooding Dopamine, go the extra-mile and do a mind-experiment. Decide you are going to be curious and want to be an expert about a new idea that is ordinarily dull and you think stupid.
Make-believe (Act-As-If) you want to be an expert about any new subject, and your brain and Dopamine will make it so. They will double your long-term memory and creativity. If you use the Act-As-If principle often, your IQ will rise up to 15% - and that’s a lot.
Students ace their exams, classes and grades – in high school, college and graduate school, many increase up to one entire grade. Executives we teach speedlearning101 get this strategy and brag about its effectiveness in the corporate world.
But How
Thinking so and Acting-As-If - makes it so - for 83.3% (nonconscious-mind) of your functioning brain. Your conscious mind (16.7%) programs and conditions the non-conscious to react to Act-As-If.
You activated your PreFrontal Cortex to make it happen, and your brain is flooded with Dopamine by the activated smile or desire to learn new stuff. Yes, that happens with a real, legitimate smile or becoming an expert about whatever you choose. Most folks are unaware of their personal - strength-energy-power to create hopefulness.
It is part of the rhythm of life that you control. If you know the secret strategy and use it, you will be inspired by the revelations (intuitions) that occur in your mind.
Now use this principle to get curious about earning a $50,000 bonus or learning Spanish.
We really want you to know the strategies to win promotions and raises, and for your kids, how to ace their grades and exams. A boot-camp is like basic training in the military, you get all the know-how principles you need to survive and thrive. Find us at www.speedlearning.org and ask for information about the LIVE Boot-Camp or Do-It-Yourself At Home workshop.
Don’t miss out on your new skills. They lead to better health, creativity and longevity. Ask us how.
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