Aviaries are also known as flight cages because of their size that allows birds to fly even in short distances. Many homeowners have seen the benefits of using an aviary in their backyard instead of just the small bird cages you'll normally see in your neighbor's backyards. As avid bird-lovers and breeders, a lot of people have many uses for aviaries apart from confining their pets. These large enclosures can be used to exercise their weary birds especially those that just arrived and became part of the older bunch.

As mentioned above, new batches of birds can cause a stir among the older batches. A large bird aviary is likely to separate the new from the old flock because of its expansive space. There will always be a dedicated nook for both sets of birds and eventually, they can flock as one as the days pass. This is a possibility if you are adding the same breed of birds. Be careful of housing two species especially if the old flock is territorial. You will need a separate aviary if this is the case.

So, who else needs a large bird aviary these days?

[1] Wildlife conservatories
Conservatories usually have large enclosures for a variety of animals. For those that only focus on wild birds of different sizes, they often have numerous aviaries that separate each species. Sometimes, the caretakers separate birds by size and compatibility as well.

[2] Zoos and bird parks
In tropical countries like in the Southeast Asian region, they offer tourists not just zoos, but bird parks too. Visitors can feed and pet the tamed birds such as parrots, cockatiels, and budgies during the day tours. But these birds are usually kept in big aviaries where they can fly around and rest during their breaks.

[3] Recreation areas
Many recreational areas of today such as parks, botanic gardens, and adventure lands have birds enclosed in very large aviaries. Most of the time they are part of the attraction as they add life and appeal to the beautiful setting. These large and tall aviaries are often home to hundreds of birds and you'll also find that others that allow people to go inside and enjoy the company of their feathered friends.

[4] Residential backyards and gardens
As mentioned earlier, many backyards have aviaries incorporated with gardens and landscapes. If you'll talk to these owners, they may tell you that blending some greenery with chirping birds can enhance their outdoor ambiance, almost Zen-like to a degree. Some homeowners install their aviaries adjacent to their homes' walls, while others underneath the trees in their gardens. By doing so, they are providing an environment that's familiar to the birds; hence, giving them a bit of privacy and safety from other house pets.

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