Tai Adrian Lopez or Tai Lopez, as he is better known, has millions of followers on his social media platforms. He also runs a website where he teaches people how to amass wealth. Not too much is known about him or his net worth although Tai claims to make about $3 to 5 million dollars a month. Born in 1977 in Long Beach California, he did not have his father in his life throughout his childhood due to his father’s incarceration.

His mother and grandmother raised him. Tai says he started his first business venture at the age of 6 selling cherry tomatoes. He then moved on from that venture to selling lemonade with sugar, which was more profitable than vegetables. What he learned from the Ventures was the importance of taking a risk.

His childhood was characterized by an inability to make friends which saw him turn to books instead. Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics had a significant impact on his life, resulting in his 'Good Life' theory. According to him, to be happy, you need to balance wealth, love, health, and happiness. His grandfather had a significant influence on many of his ideas and implanted in him the importance of books. To date, he follows the mantra of a book a day habit.

Tai Lopez's Entrepreneurial Journey

Tai Lopez places a lot of emphasis on learning and leadership. He has a training program known as the 67 steps, which will lead to a good life. You will also get additional mentorship programs and training on his website, including the business boot-camp. The programs are subscription-based.
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He is also the co-founder of Mentorbox, which is kind of like a book club, where authors use video to teach the books. You also get written notes and summaries. His influence on social media cannot be understated. He has over 6 million fans on Facebook, 3 million on Instagram, 1.3 million subscribers on his YouTube page. His following is so great that and 2007; the entrepreneur magazine had him on the list of 'Social Media Strategists to Watch in 2017.’

It is interesting to note that he started out using Facebook as a marketing tool way back in 2008. He shot to fame after his 2015 YouTube video shot in his garage went viral. He is also a great fan of Instagram Stories and Snapchat, although YouTube is still the most powerful tool when it comes to marketing.

Despite his success, some feel that his material is not beneficial. Like any other self-motivation programs, one thing that stands out though is that hard work, perseverance, and the search for knowledge will help you get over almost any hurdle.

Final Thoughts

Tai Lopez is a classic rags to riches story. He extols the virtues of hard work and a deep yearning for knowledge. Tai also believes in taking a risk, and this could have something to do with his background, where he started out selling tomatoes and the later lemonade. He also believes that you have to have the right mindset, use your brain every single day, and build a personal brand. Is Tai telling people anything new in his programs? Maybe not, but there are some great tips you can implement in your daily life.

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