Do you really know Jesus? If you really do, then why aren't you teaching others so they can come to know Him also? Do really know Jesus? I will suggest that if you do, then you know His love for you and others. If you really love Jesus, you are going to want others to know about Him the way you do so they will live like Christians instead of worldly people.

The haunting question that everyone has to deal with in this life is: "Who is Jesus to you?" Is He just another man? Is He a liar? Is He a lunatic - who went off on some crazy delusion and got a bunch of people to follow Him? Or is He Lord - the Son of God who came from heaven, modeled a Godly life for us, trained twelve men to establish His Kingdom (Church), and then managed to get Himself crucified to pay for the sins of all who would repent and believe in Him?

Getting To Know Jesus is a Bible study series of every event in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ that is designed to turn people back to being true followers of Jesus. Let's work together and get started turning this nation back to Christ by turning our homes, churches, communities, and cities back to Christ. Let's stop this problem and build the solution into the lives of those around us (and our own lives as well).

Who Am I to You?

Jesus asks two key questions regarding something He felt was of great importance, if to no one else, to Himself. First, He asks who do men (i.e. the general public, or society) say that He is and, second, who do His disciples say He is. In my opinion, Jesus is soliciting the opinions of who He is perceived to be in the eyes of two groups of people; society and His followers. Contrary to popular belief in Christian circles today, the perception and opinion of people and His own brethren were apparently of high importance to Him. Now Jesus, being God in flesh, already knew the thoughts and intentions of the hearts of men, but I think He did many things not for His benefit, but for our enlightenment. He is truly the greatest leader of all time.

What is exciting is we have the ability to actually do so. Remember beloved, we have a timeless treasure, the letters of those who actually saw Jesus, who lived with Him for over 3 years during the most important part of His life here on earth, and recorded his own words. That is the best resource to uncover who Jesus is, don't you agree? Let's open those letters today and discover who exactly Jesus is.

May we repent of this modern-day Christian movement of selfish independence, and get back to depending on the Great I AM! Lastly, to the non-Christian, I say this. The line has been drawn. You either believe He is the Great I AM or not. There is no neutral zone. Jesus said He that is not with Me, in against me. If you have not received His words as truth, you have decided already what side of the line you will stand on for eternity, against Jesus. But there is good news. He says, "if anyone comes to Me, I will not reject them." You can still step over the line and receive eternal life.

Our nation's number one problem is that we have gotten away from following the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. The only solution is to study everything about Jesus and let Him change us to be the kind of people who look and act like Christians. I have talked with many ministers and Christians and we all agree. The funny thing is that they don't see that it is their congregation that needs to be Getting To Know Jesus. They somehow apply it to other churches, but not their own.

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