Brainwave entrainment is a relatively new technology about which not much is known. Many people are not sure if this technology is actually suitable for them. I’ll try as much as possible to outline the various uses of brainwave entrainment and who it is suitable for.

What Is Brainwave Entrainment?

First, a little primer on this technology. Brainwave entrainment , also known as brainwave synchronisation, is a technique that uses visual or audio stimuli to synchronise the brain waves to frequencies that correspond to certain optimal states of mind.

Although you may not have heard much about this technology, it’s backed by over 70 years of research. And more professionals, psychologists, mental health clinics and trainers are finding it a useful tool.

It is based on the natural tendency of our brain to follow the frequencies of an external stimulus Eg. A pulsating light or a regular sound beat. Sound is deemed to be the safer option and more commonly used.

Two of the more popular audio sources in use are binaural beats and isochronic tones. By listening to these MP3 recordings, you can tune your mind to the frequency and mind state that is best for achieving certain results.

And because very specific frequency is required for a particular outcome, brainwave synchronisation can be applied for a wide range of purposes.

The Different Applications of Brainwave Synchronisation

Brainwave entrainment has helped those who are looking for these outcomes:

1) Better Health

There are brainwave recordings that can boost your immune system, relieve headaches, pain and allergies, improve the quality of your sleep, reduce hair loss and lead to weight loss.

2) Higher Brain Functions

Specific results range from staying alert, boosting memory and creativity to improving IQ and reaction time.

3) Therapy

Besides leading to a deep sense of relaxation, brainwave entrainment can help those who suffer from anxiety, depression, addiction and attention disorder.

4) Personal Development

Different sound recordings can target those who are seeking to improve their confidence, courage, public speaking skills, self-esteem, leadership or positive mindset.

5) Improved Personal Relationship

Those who are looking to improve their love life will not be disappointed too.

6) Greater Prosperity

If you’re looking for more wealth, you should try the recordings for motivation, prosperity and manifestation.

7) Heightened Spirituality

There are even recordings that cater to those with an esoteric bent. These encompass lucid dreaming, astral projection, chakra opening, self-hypnosis, ESP and telepathy.

As you can see, brainwave entrainment can be used for a wide range of purposes and is suitable for anyone who seeks the above results.

And the user can be a beginner without any special training or skills. He or she can now achieve the same results what used to take practitioners of mediation years, and even decades, to attain.

Who Isn’t Brainwave Entrainment For?

While brainwave synchronisation can benefit people in a lot of areas, it is not for everyone, specifically pregnant women, those with heart problems or a history of mental illnesses like epilepsy.

You also shouldn’t be driving or operating heavy machinery while listening to a brainwave recording.

Results therefore vary from person to person. Some minds are naturally more open to suggestion and the beneficial effects of brainwave entrainment.

In general, brainwave entrainment is suitable for anybody who has an area he’d like to improve on or a problem he’d like to resolve. Give it a go and you might be pleasantly surprised.

Brainwave entrainment can bring about an improvement in many different areas of your life. It is suitable for people who have certain qualities they’d like to acquire or certain problems they’d like to resolve. Find out if it can cater to your needs at this moment of time.

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