Definition & Job Responsibilities of a Project Manager

A project is defined as,

“A temporary endeavor taken up by an organization for the purpose of bringing about a change or creating any product or service of superior value—it has a definite beginning and an ending”.

While the job responsibilities of a project manager could be defined as,

“A project manager is a person one who is responsible for achieving the project goals and objectives by making optimal use of resources such as time, budget, labor etc.”
Job Description for a Project Manager

The job description of a project manager should be in accordance with the project requirement and must be given a very careful thought before crafting. This is because the job of a project manager finishes when the project comes to an end.

The job description serves as an essential element of the legal contract and if the duties and responsibilities are improperly mentioned or if the job is not in accordance with the documented content, then it could be used against the organization.

Format of a Project Manager Job Description

The format for writing a job description for project manager is the same as for other regular jobs and comprises of the following structure and elements:
1. Introduction of the Candidate:

Includes the name, designation (in this case project manager), date and signature of the supervisor.
2, Definition of Project Manager:

Highlights the main job responsibilities. In the third section are mentioned key functions and duties which make up the job of a project manager.
3. Key Roles and Responsibilities

List organizational responsibilities, skills and core competencies.
4. Professional and Academic Qualifications:

Demands experience, skill set and attributes of persona of a project manager.
5. Physical Requirements

Age, location, experience and gender.
Roles and Duties

Financial management skills and experience
Good communication (verbal and written), business documentation and interpersonal skills
Can-do attitude
Excellent business management and developmental skills
Leadership qualities and vision
Efficient team management skills
Ability to resolve conflicting situations
Computer, technical knowledge and professional expertise in related field
Effective problem solving and conflict resolution skills

Business Development

Adheres to the mission statement of the organization.
Identifies new opportunities for business development while exploring avenues for sales and marketing as they relate to a specific project.
Leads proposal efforts and goals including completing project scoping and LOE assessments.
Effectively conveys the core strategy and message of the corporate in both written and verbal business development discussions.

Communications & Relationship Management

Facilitates team and client meetings effectively.
Holds regular status meetings with team members and seniors to keep all in lieu of the procedural developments.
Keeps project team well informed of changes within the organization and general corporate news.
Effectively communicates relevant project information and updates to superiors.
Delivers engaging, informative and well-organized presentations.
Understands the norms of business communication.

Technical Understanding & Expertise

Possesses general understanding in the areas of application programming, database and system design.
Understands Internet, Intranet, Extranet and client/server architectures.
Possesses a thorough understanding of core capabilities and requirements of the provided job.
Remains updated and acknowledged with the new and emerging technologies and the potential application on client engagements.

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