A psychic or tarot reader is a great choice if you are just going through a sad slump and are unsure of yourself, it can give you that kick up the butt you need to get going again, it can give you faith to carry on, it can give you the ego boost you need to start that new project that gets the ball rolling so that you feel better. But for those who are seriously depressed, especially those who have been for a long time and struggle physically with it as well as mentally - trouble with sleeping, eating, washing and dressing, going out, crying a lot etc, this is not enough and can only distract for a short while rather than change things. It can also waste valuable time as the person pretends they are coping and then finds they are not. A good cognitive behavioural therapist is often the answer. A counsellor might be the answer. A hypnotherapist is not a good choice. Should I choose a clairvoyant psychic or a therapist is the question? Because a psychiatrist is often unnecessary and I always hesitate to suggest one if all they do is give anti depressants which can give out awful side effects which are very debilitating and even have some long term side effects which were worse than the original problem.

Sadly now a lot of people who claim to have depression are not depressed at all, just down or sad because life is boring or not going the way they want at the moment. Reactive depression is one of the more manageable types, you can work out what to do about it yourself at times, because you know why it is there. The death of a loved one etc.

What you should never do is try to do it alone or expect friends or family to listen and listen and listen for ages or just comfort you, it may feel good for a while but it never changes a thing and you are back to square one soon after. You can also end up losing friends.

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Beth Shepherd psychic clairvoyant and therapist.