Learning objectives differ from one person to another. For some it can be a leisure activity and for some it is for the serious reason of building a career, while others take it an opportunity to broaden their horizon and expand their knowledge.

When it comes to learning a foreign language like Portuguese, several people can benefit from learning it. A Portuguese language course in Kolkata can be the best choice for career, higher studies, travel purposes and relocating overseas. Let's find out who can benefit from pursuing the course.

Job seekers and career aspirants

Learning Portuguese language is highly beneficial for those who want to stand out in the globalized job market. The ability to speak Portuguese can boost the career prospects of aspirants and also help professionals switch to better job opportunities.

There are opportunities to work as translators, Portuguese language trainers, flight attendants, proof readers and editors, tourist guides, liaison officers, journalist, customer care executives etc. Sound communication skills would help aspirants to interact Portuguese clients fluently over phones and meetings and employees can explain a product or service better. Hence there are plethora of openings in diverse sectors both in India and abroad. Just fluency in the language is required for impeccable verbal communication.


Students also can take advantage by pursuing a Portuguese language course in Kolkata especially those who want to study at the renowned foreign universities based in Portugal for higher studies. It will surely give them the edge over those candidates who know only English language. There is no denying of the fact that Portugal has emerged as an attractive and accessible place for Indian students who want to study overseas in Europe. There are plethora of public and private institutions, universities, and polytechnics that offers advanced professional courses on engineering, law, media, healthcare, biotechnology, management, IT and automation, polytechnics and more. These world-class universities with robust infrastructure and fabulous training facilities also present ample opportunities for research.

Book worms

Taking classes in Portuguese language will also help those who are book worms and want to delve deep in Portuguese literature including plays, prose and lyrical poetries. Although not so famous like its French, Spanish, and Italian counterparts, Portuguese language does have patrons and in order to read and understand them, the first thing a non-speaker must do is take language classes in Portugal.

Travel enthusiasts

Portugal has always been an exotic holiday destination for people in India and Kolkata. The stunning beaches and splendid medieval castles and monuments have attracted countless Indian visitors every now and then.

Those who are planning to make a short trip or beach holiday to Lisbon, undertaking a Portuguese language course in Kolkata is mandatory. It will help them experience the real Portugal, interact with the natives, soak in their culture and customs, make new friends in Lisbon, socialize, and explore the nightlife.

How to get started?

Mastering Portuguese language requires patience and focus and beginners may find it a daunting task. It needs steady effort just as anyone would require in accomplishing any task. With regular practice people can be fluent within a few weeks or months. However, a proficiency in the language would be elusive without professional guidance. IITT Language Academy is happy to bring online and face to face Portuguese language course in Kolkata for training those candidates who are keen on learning it. Teaching is a combination of lectures, workshops, group discussions, text book lessons, hands-on sessions and much more. IITT Language Academy being one of the best foreign language training institutes in Kolkata also provides training in French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Swedish, Czech, Polish, Romanian, Dutch and others. Candidates can choose from basic, diploma, and advanced diploma courses as per their learning motives and objectives.

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Laxmon Gope is the author of this article on Thai language course in Kolkata. He is a foreign language trainer and part-time online blogger and contributed to several informative posts on websites. He is also passionate about landscape photography.