Excerpt from the book www.DiscoverWhatYouAreHereToDo.com, by Nicola Grace - The Mission Mentor

Our society has taken a predominantly separatist view of life where we tend to look at everything as separate moving parts that don’t have any relationship to each other.

While there are cultures and spiritual practices that do not share this view, I’m referring to the mainstream world view point of everything being separate, and for those who hold that view, you need to set up research or scientific experiments to prove or disprove any connection. Rather than assume there is connection between events and ideas or that which we think and that which we experience, because everything is interconnected. We have instead grown up with a separatist mentality.

I’m using we here in the sense that “we humans in general” because I’m sure you and I don’t think like this “we”. However, the majority of people do not grow up learning that everything is connected, events are related, our thinking is related to what we experience, illness is related to what we think and eat, the rise of disease is related to how over-polluted our food chain is, and the list goes on.

Why things happen is a great mystery to us when we think of everything in our world as being separate. Our so-called experts in authority declare, “We don’t know.” When something can’t be explained within the framework of separate thinking, instead of looking outside the framework to the entire universe of possibilities, these experts state, “We don’t know”, and there for the mainstream think it can’t be known or is not know yet. I’m not sure why these professionals are considered experts and given authority if they don’t know. Surely an expert should know something! Surely an expert should be able to look outside current frameworks of thinking to “Know”.

So here we are separate humans living in a world where one event doesn’t have anything to do with another unless you can prove it using the outdated, limiting parameters of so called scientific experimentation.

Yet all around us nature harmoniously hums along with its interconnectivity and symbiotic relationships. We’re the only part of nature that thinks we’re separate and what we do affects the greater cosmos only if you can prove it. So the moon rotates around the earth and is related to our oceans’ tides. The earth rotates around the sun in a relationship that gives us night and day, hot and cold, winter, spring, summer and fall. The bee is perhaps the greatest relationship interconnector of all. Each and every plant eating animal, including humans, gets to eat and live because of the bee’s relationship to the queen, and its purpose to satisfy her. Hence allowing plants and flowers to pollinate and propagate – interconnecting the entire planet - and as we’re about to learn, bees may even be affecting the cosmos.

To think of ourselves as humans living and breathing on this planet, in this universe, completely separate to an entire cosmos all around us, that is interconnected working in harmonious precision, is unfathomable to me. It defies logic. This mainstream predominant perspective that we are separate amongst an interconnected universe has done humanity a great disservice.

However, this separatist viewpoint does allow us a certain ignorance so we can claim innocence that the left hand didn’t know what the right hand has done, therefore no personal responsibility needs to be taken for the creation of what the right hand just did – it’s not related – we can’t prove the relationship. And perhaps that is why mainstream humanity clings so desperately to a separatist mentality. We can now live in a world where we don’t have to take responsibility for that which we have created because we can claim innocence through our ignorance. We did not create it. You can’t prove it.

From the negative experiences we have in our life to the nutrient depleted soils, disease epidemics and overburdened and polluted planet, we can’t prove our thoughts created our experiences, we can’t prove the toxic chemicals help cause disease epidemics, we can’t prove humans cause climate change using that limited framework or paradigm of thinking we call science – therefore we don’t need to take responsibility for making the change. It’s a very convenient viewpoint. We didn’t cause the problem. We don’t have to take responsibility. We can’t prove the connection.

YES WE CAN. We can prove that everything is connected, and that we do affect everything in our world.

If we look away from our current so called “scientific” viewpoint and its separate paradigm, and look to the expansive and exciting quantum scientific discoveries, we find we are not separate from anything. Everything is connected at some level. Everything in our world comes down to an atom. Even space which was once thought to be empty of atoms, we now know contains a network of atoms made up of quantum energies that are interconnected and transmitting information.

We now know that at a subatomic level there is something that interconnects those atoms. Everything in the universe, including space, is made up of atoms, so everything in universe is interconnected. We are not only connected with each other, we are connected with the entire universe inside every cell of our body and even the spaces between our organs, bones, blood vessels and veins, at this subatomic level. Even the space between our toes – we are connected – everything is connected – nothing is separate. We are one, if you like.

This idea of oneness is not just a hippie idea any more; it is now a quantum scientific fact.

I’ve been teaching for quite some time now, that we live in the most exciting of times where spirituality and science are converging. Quantum science (the study of atoms, subatomic particles and energies) has discovered that at the core of all matter there is energy and consciousness. This discovery has now become the theoretical basis for the existence of unity of all things and that there is a universal creative intelligence governing all things. You may already be calling this existence the name of God or The Universe, Great Spirit or the Creator. We are not separate from that existence and that existence lies within us in the subatomic part of our atoms.

Did you catch that part above where I said, “quantum energies that are interconnected and transmit information?” I’d like to repeat that last part - “Transmit information”. You have information being transmitted inside of you from every cell in your body and the space in between, again at the subatomic level of every atom. You can give and receive information at this subatomic level because it is inside every cell of your body – if only you just learn how to tune in. We have a scientific reference now for the age old saying of many sages, “The answer’s lie within” and “look within” – There is information being broadcast within the sub atomic particles of your atoms. You’ll find Universal Creative Intelligence in there. You have a Genius Databank inside of you – as I like to say – God is inside you in this sense. It is outside of you and all around you.

Take a moment to notice if your body is now zinging, or if you feel a bit more expansive or lighter as your brain takes this information in and transmits it to every cell of your body. This may not be new information to you, or it may be completely new. As your mind and brain begin to register the implications you may feel the stirring going on in the cells of your body because of your new awareness.
I’m mentioning it here, before we go on, so you know there is nothing to fear about this experience. It’s quite normal. You are, after all, a mass of energy and consciousness. That you may not have been aware of it before is simply because your attention has been elsewhere. I’m now focusing your attention on the fact that you are one with everything in the universe, so you get to know how important you are to the entire cosmos.

Dr Erwin Laszlo, author of New Concepts of Matter, Life and Mind said it best:

"The living world is not the harsh domain of classical Darwinism, where each struggles against all, with every species, every organism and every gene competing for advantage against every other. Organisms are not skin-enclosed selfish entities, and competition is never unfettered. Life evolves, as does the universe itself, in a 'sacred dance' with an underlying field. This makes living beings into elements in a vast network of intimate relations that embraces the entire biosphere itself an interconnected element within the wider connections that reach into the cosmos."

A rather elaborate way of saying we are one with the very air we breathe and the cosmos that surrounds us. Our reality then is one of connectivity, not separateness. So too are your life events connected to one another in some way.

Author's Bio: 

Nicola Grace, The Mission Mentor helps social entrepreneurs, change agents and purpose driven people create winning mission strategies that leverage the Undefeatable Laws of Nature to transform big obstacles into even bigger results, so their missions to transform this world succeed. She delivers speeches, workshops, mentoring sessions and online programs designed to overcome the challenges social entrepreneurs face, and take advantage of the opportunities presenting in the emerging New Era.

Four time author, Nicola's expert insights appear in the ground breaking best selling book, Ready Aim Captivate - Put Magic in Your Message and a Fortune In Your Future, along with other world leading visionaries Deepak Chopra and Jim Stovall. CelebrityPress recently chose Nicola to join a select group of the world’s leading experts to co-write the forthcoming book titled, “More.Better.: The World’s Leading Experts Reveal How to Get More Out of Business and Life With Better Results”.

Recently honored with an award for implementing a strategy that saved a billion dollar change agent industry from ruin, and make history, Nicola believes our, “Soul’s blueprint for life not only contains the path that leads to your greatest happiness, fulfillment and success, it contains the gift you bring to the “Universal Picnic Table of Life”. When you connect with your Soul and its blueprint then bring that gift to the picnic table - through the Butterfly Effect you participate in the creation of a better world. You’re a change agent in that regard." (Excerpt from her book www.DiscoverWhatYouAreHereToDo.com).