21st June 2009, an icon completed 50 golden years on this planet.

He is unique and one and only one of his kind in this world.

He considers himself as a King of Hearts.

This self declared icon is standing in your midst - Venkatraman Krishnamoorthy popularly known as Venkat.

When i became 50, the first thought which came to me is what have i done in this world?

Nothing was the answer, except amassing ego and gold.

I felt there was a need for change So i decided to make my golden jubilee year a thanks giving year to one and all who made me what I am today.

I went down my memory lane and came out with all the golden names - my family, my employees present and past, friends, my partners and business associates. And to thank each of them I handed over a memento and Chocolates.

It gave me immense pleasure and happiness similar to the feeling i had when we distributed mangoes which came in abundance in our tree in Mumbai every season

We all have a child within us and on my 50th birthday I brought out the child in me. I spent indulging in my hobbies of writing poetry, painting and cooking.

To mention a few of people who inspired me.


My father who is of silent nature will communicate when required. He sat in one chair in the office from 9 – 5 for 42 years and retired from the same chair which shows how contented he is.

My mother influenced me a lot. Her views strongly touched my soul. Her opinion was that our only strength is giving service since that was the only wealth we possessed. She also Says: “ education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere”. Simple living and high thinking was her motto.

I have two lovely children Krishna and Divya who are teenagers. When anybody asks my children what does your father do ?.They say he attends lot of meeting, talks a lot ,drinks lot of tea , brings loads of money and keeps us happy. My Brother says I will never retire. Can you tell me why? Because he says I never work is everybody’s opinion.

It only happens because of my wife Neela..

My wife, Neela is a Chartered Accountant by profession. She gives me unconditional support in all my endeavourour. She works with dedication and hard work takes care of our business and home .

I have a close knit group of school friends.

Have you ever had lassi at the middle of the night? Surely if a friend who is considered stingy makes a magnanimous gesture. I WAS CONSIDERED TO BE STINGY BY MY FRIENDS . BUT 30 years back ON ONE OCCASION I CHANGED MY MIND and 10 of my schoo friends in the middle of the night had 2- 3 glasses of lassi. And I spent 42 rupees.

It became a talk in our circle and is remembered even today.

My thinking today is to pass on accumulated knowledge to the next generation that is the only way I can give back to the society.

To start off last year With the assistance of my family members I published a family book for private circulation on recipe, rangoli and mehndi dedicated to my mother.

I tell my children 50 golden years have taught me that God has been kind enough and is supporting me in my journey of life, to be successful materially and spiritually. The secret for the long standing success is life is continuous education and giving the best with courage to conquer

That is one of the reasons for becoming a toast master at 50


Author's Bio: 

venkatraman Chartered Accountant and Cost accountant by profession . Running A business solution company in Dubai and Mumbai. my community service website www.education4all.info