Personal loans are popular among Americans, and many people take out one every year due to different problems in life. People can enjoy lower interest rates when taking out personal loans instead of title loans, payday loans, and cash advances with high-interest rates.

The world of personal loans has welcomed two new players - White Rock Loans and Lend Up. White Rock Loans help borrowers who are interested in loaning an amount up to five thousand dollars by connecting them with fast cash lenders regardless of their credit histories. You can check this review for more information about it.

Lend Up, on the other hand, offers small loans to borrowers having low credit scores. The borrowers can choose between single-payment and installment terms. Since they allow borrowers to get lower rates while giving them the chance to build their credit, Lend Up presents itself as a payday loan alternative and a safer choice.

Learn more about White Rock Loans and Lend Up below, including the difference between the two methods for taking out personal loans.

White Rock Loans, What Are They?

Most people think of a lender or a bank upon hearing White Rock Loans. However, instead of being a lender or a bank, White Rock Loans serve as middlemen, helping potential borrowers to connect with their network of fast cash loan providers to obtain a deal that works best for them.

Why Apply For White Rock Loans?

Opting for a personal loan is ideal if you need the money now. And if you're really in a hurry, White Rock Loans could be of great help. All you have to do is to visit their website and send out your application. They're going to review your details, and once you have passed their requirements, they will give you options of willing loan providers where you could obtain much-needed cash.

There will be several offers once your application gets approved, and there's no risk if you want to check them out. Once you've identified one with the best deal, you can e-sign the loan details and receive between one hundred dollars and five thousand dollars as soon as possible. The repayment term can reach up to sixty months for borrowers who opted for the installment option.

What Are The Qualifications Required For White Rock Loans?

Even if you have poor credit, you’ll still get a chance to qualify for White Rock Loans. Whether you have existing financial issues, bounced checks, or recently filed bankruptcy, it isn’t impossible to get approved for White Rock Loans.

Even if you have poor credit, you’ll still get a chance to qualify for White Rock Loans. Whether you have existing financial issues, bounced checks, or recently filed bankruptcy, it isn’t impossible to get approved for White Rock Loans.

How Long Will You Have To Wait To Receive The Cash After Getting Approved?

The approval for White Rock Loans only takes a few minutes. It also requires one business day for the cash to get into your bank account. It's the perfect option for individuals who are in a hurry to receive the money they've borrowed. The good thing about White Rock Loans is that you can compare lenders and their rates for no fees. They connect you with loan providers for free.

Lend Up, What Is It?

Now that you already know what White Rock Loans are and how they operate, it's time to look into another new player in the world of personal loans - Lend Up. You can avail of single-payment and installment loans from the company with below thirty-six percent rate for the former and above thirty-six percent for the latter. Prime loans is another name used for loans with below 36% rate, while those above that rate get classified as either silver, gold, or platinum. Lend Up considers itself as a payday loan alternative.

What Are The Qualifications Required By Lend Up?

An essential requirement is a checking account that can accept AHC transfers. Lend Up only covers selected states in the US like Wisconsin, Texas, Tennessee, Missouri, Mississipi, Louisiana, and California. Thus, you also have to make sure that you live in one of these states, so your application gets accepted. Your credit score won't matter that much as long as you have a valid address and phone number, as well as a checking account. Please take note, though, that even if you can get approved by Lend Up despite having a low credit score, the company will still visit the Experian's Clarity Services to look at your data and scan your bank transactions.

Why Apply For Lend Up?

The consumer-first features of Lend Up make it one of the ideal choices for personal loans. It offers much flexibility to the borrower, including the power to choose the date for the final payment and extending payment time on a loan with a single-payment term without any late fees as long as it is still within the limit set by the state. The company also partners with resources that offer free credit counseling, the reason why they also give a chance to their clients to qualify for the Lend Up Ladder program that reduces rates of loans by watching videos that promote financial education and making on-time payments. TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian are the credit reporting companies where Lend Up reports regarding your performance in installment loan payments, giving you the chance to build your credit score.

What’s The Difference Between White Rock Loans And Lend Up?

The main difference between White Rock Loans and Lend Up is that the former isn't a lender while the latter lends small loans online. So, selecting which option to take boils down to your current situation and your preferences based on all the information presented in this post.

Final Thoughts

Both White Rock Loans and Lend Up are beneficial in their own ways. If you want to connect with different loan providers, go for White Rock Loans. Go for Lend Up if you want more flexibility when borrowing cash.

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