Natural wood has massively resurged back to interior design fashion within the past few years. Presently, even though cabinets made up of man-made materials are still on top of fashion, wood-based cabinets are continuing to attract fame everywhere around the globe, thanks to the return of natural wood as a material component and texture in interior design.

This article reviews one of the most common types of natural wood cabinets- white oak kitchen cabinets. It aims to establish whether or not they are a good idea in the 2023 kitchen interior design landscape.

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Are White Oak Kitchen Cabinets in Fashion?

Just like many different varieties of natural wood cabinets, white oak kitchen cabinets trended massively until the day cabinets made up of man-made materials, including laminates, metals, and fiber came into being. But interestingly, as of now, they are trending at the top among high-end contemporary-style cabinets.

Generally speaking, besides the fact that natural wood is back to interior design fashion as a preferable material texture for décor materials, white oak cabinets are currently trending, thanks to the following facts about them;

Variability of Design Option

Because oak cabinets come in various types, they are seemingly bound to outdo many contemporary-style cupboards, many of which are limited in terms of design options. Depending on what you want your scullery to look like, you can choose painted or unpainted white oak cabinets.

On the other hand, depending on your likes or preferences as far as kitchen interior design styles are concerned, you can choose traditional or modern white oak kitchen cabinets, all of which are remarkably distinctive and high-quality.

Enhanced Visual Appearance

Apart from the multiple design options they provide in terms of existing in different types, white oak cabinets are trending and are likely to trend for many years to come, thanks to their physical outlook. From unpainted to painted varieties, white oak cabinets are defined by visual beauty. Thanks to the fact that they can easily be blended with various colors and materials, you can match them with your favorite décor materials to enhance the visual beauty of your pantry.


If you are wondering why white oak kitchen cabinets are trending courtesy of the return of natural wood to interior design fashion, you need to consider the functional properties of natural wood. Besides the fact that wood is easier to access and use, interior designers and homeowners alike are opting for natural wood because it is strong and longer-lasting.

Because they are made up of the most distinguished type of natural wood, oak cabinets, both modern and traditional, come with unparalleled functional values. These include ease of access and durability or resilience against tear and wear, all of which are facts that make modern people choose them.

Top Trending White Oak Kitchen Cabinets

1. Modern White Oak Kitchen Cabinets

One of the major highlights of modern white oak kitchen cabinets is an unequalled blend of traditionalism and modernity. More often, these drawers feature not only mixtures of natural and artificial but also rustic and industrial accessories.

In terms of layout, you will typically find them in both traditional and modern layouts, including open and closed layout designs. When it comes to color, modern-style white oak cabinets are so versatile; they come in a myriad of colors, from vintage to more contemporary shades.

2. Distressed White Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Distressed white oak cabinet varieties more often feature all kinds of cabinet styles; that is, traditional, modern, transitional, and contemporary cabinet styles. The major outstanding thing about them is their distressed appearance, a unique outlook that can blend with all kinds of visual aesthetics.

From contemporary materials like glass to metals, including stainless steel, gold, and chrome, as well as rustic materials, you can match distressed cabinets with anything depending on how you want them to portray an interior.

3. Shaker-Style White Oak Cabinets

Just like their distressed counterparts, shaker kitchen cabinets made up of oak in terms of material feature both traditional and modern cabinet designs. Depending on whether you prefer traditional or modern shaker style, you can go for generic or slim shaker-style white oak kitchen cabinets.

The good thing about cabinets with shaker appearance is that they are easier to find, amazing in terms of outlooks, as well as versatile. Most importantly, shaker cabinet designs are compatible with multiple interior designs.

4. White Oak RTA Kitchen Cabinets

RTA kitchen cabinets crafted from oak hardwood are also trending in 2023. To many homeowners, these drawers are attractive in terms of cost of purchase and convenience in usage. Since they are sold as parts and not fully constructed cabinets, RTA cupboard designs are considerably less expensive to acquire.

Thanks to their uninstalled design, you can seamlessly optimize them in line with what you want your kitchen to look like. However, you don’t have to be a pro, you need to acquaint yourself with the basics of cabinet installation to work with RTA cabinet designs.

Are White Oak Kitchen Cabinets Worth It?

Certainly yes! As we have already observed, the attributes that generally define these drawers are what almost every homeowner is after. Besides their strength and durability, which stems from their natural wood material, white oak cabinets are versatile and very functional.

The fact that they are harmonious with dozens of traditional and modern interior designs means that they are convenient to use in interior design. White oak kitchen cabinets are also easier to access. To find them, just try doing the following;

• Read online review articles on kitchen cabinets
• Window-shop on various online shopping platforms and in land-based furniture stores
• Review customer reviews on e-commerce platforms
• Talk to professional cabinet manufacturers and interior designers

Final Thoughts

With white oak cabinets trending in 2023, you have the perfect opportunity to make your pantry seem a kind of heaven on earth. Besides their potential to enhance the visual attractiveness of an interior design, white oak kitchen cabinets are functional in every aspect. With them, it doesn’t matter whether your pantry is traditional or modern-style, thanks to the fact that they rhyme with both traditional and modern interior design aesthetics.

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