How will you explain what is Black Hat and White Hat SEO?
People organize SEO methods in two main categories:
• Different methods that search engines support a good design.
• Methods that search engines don’t favor as good.
As a rule of thumb, both methods will get you results. Nonetheless, one will get you penalties from the search engines which can lead to your website losing its rank or even get banned despite the short term rewards it gained.
Understanding the elementary difference between these two approaches to SEO campaigns can save from the snag of greed. You need to familiarize yourself with the truth regarding Whitehat vs Blackhat SEO.
White Hat SEO
White Hat SEO uses strategies that work along the search engines quality requirements as mentioned in the guidelines. Blogs and sites that use White Hat SEO strategies get long-lasting results even though the results don’t appear to be soon but the effects are good.

White Hat SEO Techniques
White Hate SEO techniques are created to get organic traffic with quality content. Some of these strategies are:
• Quality Content – Content rich blogs, websites and web pages are more valuable to search engines, webmasters and human visitors who are most likely to link your website if they find you as an expert in your field. Creating high-quality content for blogs and web pages can be time consuming and expensive.
• Guest Posting – Guest posting is basically writing blogs for another person’s website. The reward includes getting backlinks to your website to increase your blogs search engine results.
• Link Baiting – This is the method of creating content that lures people to link your website from another person’s site or blog. This is done by making use of highly good quality content, news stories or even some debated content.
• Website Optimization – Website optimization is the main pillar of SEO marketing and it involves the handling if the content, wording and the structure of your website to get high search engine rankings. It is quite essential to pay attention to site optimization in order to stand a chance to rank for high competition keywords like local SEO Nottingham.

Black Hat SEO
This means using SEO techniques and strategies focused on search engines rather than for human beings. The strategies used usually don’t follow the search engine guidelines.

Black Hat SEO Techniques
Black Hat SEO strategies are used to scam the system. These strategies involve:
• Hidden Text –This is written content that visitors to your website or blog can’t see, but the search engines can. This text is mainly referred to search spam by the search engines.
• Keyword Stuffing – This is mainly seen as an unethical SEO tactic by the search engines. This happens when a particular web page is overflowing with only keywords in their content or the Meta tags.
• Blog Spam – Spamming blogs or comment spamming is a type of spamdexing. It is the method of automatically inserting a random comment into blogs or advertising commercial services on guest blogs, blogs, wikis, and other public discussion forums.
• Paid Links – This is the act of purchasing links on blogs or website mainly for increasing link in popularity and ranking.
• Doorway Pages – There are some websites created for spamming the index of search engines. These are also known as entry pages, getaway pages, portal or bridge pages etc. These gateway pages use a type of hiding.
• Cloaking – This a method in which the contents were shown to the search engine spider is not the same as compared to that present to the user browsers. This is accomplished by showing content based on the user’s IP address.
In the nutshell, it may take time for your White Hat SEO efforts to get the desired outcomes. But it is the best option and the right one, you should find a Nottingham SEO expert to help you with that. Black Hat SEO sounds easy but it won’t do any good.

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