Wow, I'm still in amazement! Over 3 weeks ago I began an exercise where I posed as a new business opportunity seeker searching for a top home business. Gee, I didn't anticipate what I received. In fact it's horrific out there.

OK, I'll be honest, as a perfectionist and with a tendency to be fully informed I may have dug deeper than many others would. However, my purpose for the challenge was to personally discover what one would experience when looking for a network marketing business opportunity today and how they would decide which top home business to undertake. Furthermore, this would provide me with valuable information when speaking to my prospects as well.

I was shocked at just how many network marketing business opportunities are being advertised. Starting from nutritional supplements (by the millions), home décor, gourmet foods, jewelry through to education, technology and travel.

Furthermore, I was overcome at the number of "sketchy" experts out there. It's madness - where have I been hiding? Safely in my own business environment it seems. It's understandable why business opportunity seekers don't know which way to turn… How can you not sympathize with them?

With the current economic times there is a considerable increase in the volume of folks seeking to join a network marketing business opportunity. And good for them, it's without doubt the most rewarding industry there is (from a lifestyle and financial standpoint). Sadly however, so many people conduct insufficient and ineffective due diligence before making a decision then blame the network marketing industry if they fail.

One thing that became apparent during my "new kid on the block" due diligence exercise is just how crucial this step is in contributing to your success in your business. If you receive no other value from this article, but this one point, you have gained significant benefit. You will be pleased you put yourself in a well-informed position before making the decision to join a top home business.

During my network marketing career, I've learnt some worthwhile lessons from many successful and renown network marketers, as well as from my own personal experiences. This has stood me in good stead and paved the path for my success. I share some them below and I encourage all business opportunity seekers as well as current network marketers to think about the following crucial questions in your journey to finding the top home business.


1. Core value harmony - does the company's values align to your core values and beliefs?
2. Leader and culture fit - does the culture of the business inspire you to achieve excellence? Does the leadership of the team you sign up with assist you in realizing your FULL potential? When selecting a leader ensure you connect with that person as they will be your business partner and mentor for years ahead.
3. Huge market, limited competition - the best situation is to engage in a large target market with little competition, if any. In my view the network marketing business opportunities in lotions, potions and nutritional supplements are over supplied. Be astute when selecting which "game" to play in.
4. Passion equals results - ask yourself this question, "Would I purchase these products or services even if I was not partaking in the business opportunity?" Your answer should direct your decision about that network marketing business opportunity.
5. Active leadership speaks volumes - do the leaders of the company actively participate or do they watch from the side line? Be wary of this, behind every thriving company is active leadership.

The network marketing industry is the only industry in the world that provides people from all backgrounds an equal playing field for achieving success. However you measure success (financial independence, quality family time, improved self confidence, time freedom), the right network marketing business opportunity can afford you the platform to realize your goals. Don't let anything or anyone rob you of your dreams. Follow the rules above, stretch your wings and shoot for the stars - they're absolutely available to be claimed!

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