Your entire body consists of 75 to 100 trillion cells. 100 billion of them are brain cells (Spread out, their surface area would cover 4 soccer fields). Your brain snakes out of your skull as your spinal cord (which contains another billion nerve cells) and then it branches out through the rest of your body, eventually networking with every single cell.
Although you process massive amounts of information in your brain -- there are over 0.15 quadrillion connections or “synapses” between your brain cells alone -- the brain in your head represents only a fraction of the connections possible in your nervous system.

Your enteric nervous system (the nerve network in your gut known as your “second brain”) has a massive influence on how you process emotional information and the cardiac nervous system within your heart influences your ability to experience gratitude and compassion.

If you’re not registering the cues and feedback from your entire body to make decisions, you’re not making fully
informed decisions! Tuning into your heart and your gut, as it turns out, isn’t some airy-fairy advice -- Biologically speaking, it is critical to your success.

In all relationships, authenticity, trust, and a genuine desire to serve are what stimulate growth. Using your Whole Mind means tapping into more than just the mass of spaghetti between your ears to make decisions, it means leveraging the power and consciousness of the trillions of cells that make up the rest of your body as well. So, how do you do that?

Your Whole Mind = 3 Different Minds Working Together

Tapping into your Whole Mind requires you to consciously cultivate the synergistic relationship between the three key “minds” in your body: Your head, heart and gut:

1. The “Mind” in Your Head: This Thinking or “Cognitive” mind’s job is to rationally and logically figure things out, create and follow rules, create meaning for events and circumstances, create context, create stories and create and maintain a sense of identity.

2. The “Mind” in Your Gut: This Feeling or “Somatic” mind’s job is to instantly change your physiology to deal with the immediate demands of whatever situation you’re in. It uses emotions as a way of mobilizing energy and redirecting your biochemistry, so that you quickly take action and change your behavior to a more effective one at the precise moment you need to.

3. The “Mind” in Your Heart: This Knowing or “Field” mind’s job is to take you out of your Self or Ego, so that you can experience a transcendent or global perspective. Your Knowing mind cues you in to the interconnectedness between individuals and into the synchronicities in life and business. Benevolence,
generosity and selfless service are inspired by your Knowing mind.

What Happens When It Works…And What Goes Wrong When It Doesn’t?

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