Analog weighing machines have traditionally been used to a great extent. It is known to give accurate measurement of weight. These days, digital weighing scales are used widely.

Analog weighing machines have springs to give measurement. On the other side, digital weighing machines have sensors. So, digital weighing machines seem to be more accurate.

About Analog Weighing Machine

Analog scale is widely used to take accurate measurement of any specific object. It is very simple to use analog weighing scale. Once you stand on the machine, its spring will measure your body weight.

The overall capacity of analog weighing machine is around 120 kg. These are old-school machines which were used widely years ago. But as compared to digital machines, analog machines don’t provide accurate measurements. It works mechanically and its accuracy may vary and cannot be used for measuring grams or smaller weights.

Digital Weighing Machines

Digital weighing machines have been used widely across the world. It is more widely used as compared to analog machines. It provides more accurate measurements than their analog counterparts.

Analog machine has spring to measure the weight. You will get your weight displayed once you stand on the device. The digital weighing machines can measure weight up to 150 kg. There are so many features of digital weighing machines these days.

Digital vs. Analog
Both digital and analog weighing machines are used for same purpose and there is not much difference. Analog machines were used widely before the existence of digital weighing machines. But the problem with analog machines is accuracy. They are not much accurate than digital machines.

Due to the fact that analog machines work mechanically, you shouldn’t expect same results all the time you use it to weight anything. Digital weighing machines have been introduced recently and covered the world of weighing machines. It has got much better features and design rather than its counterparts. But they are used also for measuring weight. Digital weighing machines come with memory capacity, LCD display and accurate weighing.

The best part of analog weighing machines as compared to digital machines is that they don’t need any battery or power supply as they operate mechanically. They can also work as long as you want. On the other side, digital weighing machines should be charged on regular basis.

If you are weight conscious, you may want to measure your weight on regular basis. Hence, digital scale comes handy when it comes to get accurate measurements.

These days, digital machines have been improved well with other features. They show your body fat, body mass index, height, and different measurements. So, if you want accuracy in weighing scale, there is no other option than digital weighing machines.

But analog weighing machine has its plus. It lasts very long and it can also withstand rough handling and extreme situations. On the other side, digital weighing scales cannot withstand water damage, rough handling, and it also needs constant charging of the battery every once in a while. So, choose wisely when you looking to buy for a best weighing machine. I hope this article helped you.

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