Engineering is undoubtedly the broadest branch of science. We all know, how engineering has been the biggest reason behind the rapid development of the entire world. Every branch of engineering including petroleum engineering, electrical engineering, aerospace engineering, computer engineering, chemical engineering, civil and, mechanical engineering is very important in every aspect. We can’t even imagine the world without any of these engineering branches.

Before securing your B. Tech admission in the Best Engineering College in Dehradun, IIT Delhi or any other good college of the country, you would like to know which engineering is the highest paying one.

Before choosing any branch of engineering, you must have in-depth knowledge about its job profile, future prospects, and salary packages, etc. Here we have discussed some of the best engineering branches regarding salary. Have a look and make a good choice.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is growing rapidly especially in countries like India. Electrical engineering involves the study, research, and application of electricity principles in various electronic purposes.
Students are also showing a lot of interest in studying electrical engineering. If you are unable to crack the IITs, you can get admission in the Top B. Tech College in Dehradun, like DIT University, GEU, Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions, etc.
All these institutes are offering graduate courses in Electrical Engineering and are successfully providing placements in top electrical companies of India as well as other foreign countries.
Job growth in this field is expected to increase decently. During starting, you can get salary packages of 55 to 65 lacs per annum.

Computer Engineering

Dev Bhoomi Group of Intuitions, the Best Engineering College in Dehradun is successfully providing placements to the students completing graduation in Computer Engineering. CE is one of the oldest branches and the demand for computer engineers are only increasing with time.
IT industry is getting bigger and better every day, and IT professionals are getting decent salaries from various companies and organizations. The demand for development and betterment in the IT sector is huge, and it still lacks the IT professionals to meet the demand. If you are successful in getting your CE degree from one of the top computer schools, you can get a salary package of 40 to 50 lacs annually.

Civil Engineering

Last but surely not the least is Civil Engineering. It is considered one of the most crowded branches. Despite a large number of people involved in various sectors and construction, the demand for civil engineers is only increasing with time.
You can choose any of the Top B. Tech College in Dehradun to pursue your graduation in C.E. Depending on your skills and performance during graduation, as a civil engineer, you can earn somewhere around 35 to 45 lacs per annum.

The Conclusion

Getting placed in a top company is one of the biggest challenges of your life. And if you can make the right decision after schooling, half the job is done. All of the above-discussed engineering branches are very good, and your interest matters the most.
Top B. Tech College of Dehradun and other cities as well are offering various graduate courses. Choose the right branch according to your interest, score in the respective entrance exam(s), and of course, your budget especially if you are going to a private college. Good luck for a successful and beautiful career.

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