Which type of bird's nest is best and where should you buy it?
Nests are divided into different categories based on diverse criteria. One of the common classifications of bird's nest is based on the origin of the bird's nest release different types of drool. There are three types of oats: canary, persimmon and oat blood. Of these, which kind of bird's nest is the best? Let's learn through the following article to choose the right nest for the family.

Types of nests
Based on the origin of the bird's nest, it is divided into three main categories: white oats (white oats), persimmon and blood swallow (red).

White swallow
White nest is the most popular bird nest on the market because the output of white nest in nature is quite large. These types of oats are exploited from the swiftlet houses in the residential area. However, not so much that the nutritional value of bird nests is reduced. The nests are only given favourable conditions to nest but still have to fly out in search of food. So the number of nutrients in the body of oats used to secrete saliva almost exactly the same as natural oats. This is also the type of oats with the lowest economic value of the three types because the availability in the market is much higher than persimmon and swallow's blood.

Hong Yen
Red swallow is a type of natural nest exploited directly from the nests on the mainland, the cliffs or in the sea. This bird's nest has a pinkish-orange colour, so it is called a persimmon. The nutritional value of persimmon is equivalent to canary because the food source is found in nature by the birds nest. However, the price of this type of bird's nest is higher than canary. Because the cost of exploiting persimmon is more expensive when the nest is formed in nature. The lower availability of persimmon compared to canary is also the reason for this price difference.

Blood swallow
Bird's nest blood is a kind of blood-red nest, which is extremely busy by the market. In fact, the original bird's nest is also white as a canary. Over time, existence in the natural environment, under the influence of secondary factors such as temperature, humidity, and light, the fermentation process takes place. After 2-3 months, the nest turns red. Thanks to the fermentation process, new substances are produced in the nest itself, bringing its nutritional value higher.

Among the three types of bird's nest, this is the best bird's nest. Bird's nest blood is often exploited from the island, so the cost of exploitation and transportation is much higher than the other two types of oats. Plus the scarcity of this bird's nest on the market, the price of bird's nest is very expensive.

Is the bird's nest really good?
According to research, the swallow nest composition contains 50-60% protein. Along with that are 18 different amino acids. And micronutrients such as zinc, manganese, calcium. This amount of nutrients is extremely plentiful in only a small amount of oats. Therefore, swallow nest is very healthy food.

Bird's nest has a direct effect on the digestive system. Nests help the body easily absorb nutrients from food and reduce anorexia. However, for children, when the digestive system is still incomplete. The use of oats will have serious long-term consequences for a child's development.

Elderly people eat oats to help the spirit feel refreshed, comfortable and easier to fall asleep. Especially red apple or goji bats are effective in reducing insomnia. Micronutrients and amino acids in the bird's nest composition simultaneously work to limit osteoarthritis in old age. Promotes quick wound recovery.

After 3 months of pregnancy, pregnant women are advised to use bird's nest regularly. Bird's nest to ensure the health of the mother and the development of the fetus. With abundant nutrients, eating bird's nest also helps mothers get back in shape easily after giving birth.

Collagen and elastin in the bird's nest components promote the production of new cells. Strengthens anti-ageing and helps to make skin plump and pink. Therefore, the women use bird's nest as natural beauty. However, bird's nest acts directly on stem cells. To be able to see the effect on the skin, women need to persistently eat oats regularly and for a long time so that the skin recovery and beauty process is effective and thorough.

Where to buy reputable and quality swallow nest?
Currently, there are many units providing bird nests on the market with different labels and types. Consumers cannot avoid buying counterfeit goods. So where do consumers have to buy reputable quality bird's nest? Refer to some of the following brands of bird's nests that have been tested and highly appreciated by consumers.

Salanganes Nest Khanh Hoa LifeNet is one of the prestigious brands of swallow nest in Vietnam. Bird's nest is exploited directly from the island of Khanh Hoa and completely processed manually. As a result, products supplied to the market are guaranteed to be safe and hygienic. The most important thing is to limit nutrient loss. LifeNet Khanh Hoa's Salanganes Nest aims to become a supplier of Vietnamese swallow nests to the countries in the region with superior quality oats.

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