When it is about changes, then it is about differences!

Change is common stuff in the world, and a few dissimilarities between two things or concepts help them to be defined.

Such is the case for almost anything in the world also being the same for the features that are not the SAME between two modes of plumbing: residential and commercial.

The Case

Looking carefully, it can be understood that both residential and commercial plumbing factors have a lot of things in common. But, common sense and general evaluation guide people in understanding the basic and the technical difference between the modes of operations in these two types of plumbing systems.

Speaking to a professional plumber in Wollongong would bring out the topic which this article wants to deliver.

Well, at least, one needn’t worry about getting a plumber instantly if the Internet is available for information.

This article aims to produce a rational judgement in evaluating the differences between residential and commercial (also categorised as industrial) plumbing attributes. Read more to find out.

Call to Different Components

It is apparent to the naked eye that the usage chiefly and centrally differs between commercial and residential plumbing as it is based on the number of people using them.

It is prominent that the more significant number of them, with their variety of applications, makes the specific type of usages in commercial plumbing systems.


Due to the more significant number of people using the systems variedly and intensely, they require a different combination of more significant and heavily attributed components like outlets, pipes and water pressure.

In respect of this, domestic households require much lower systematisations armed with a lesser combination.

Targeted Tools

As the system of the commercial and residential plumbing formats differ from each other in their composition, it is evident for these two systems to have alternative requirements.

They do.

Domestic plumbing has a less complicated and lightly formed system and for that, basic range, fitters, small sized pipes etc. are enough.

Commercial plumbing calls for fixing or maintaining the bigger picture with multiple settings of arrangements and newer parts. Thus, tools like site sewer lines, large sized boilers, industrially qualified fixtures, lifting stations of a commercial class are expected.

The Tale of Timing

Usually, the plumbers work at any point of time in the modern age. But, domestic plumbing operations mainly take place in the daytime.

Contrary to this, an office or a school building cannot call for the plumbing operations in the middle of the day as people would occupy places and the workforce cannot be stopped.

But, these operations can quickly be done in the afternoon or the night. Be it a massive issue of the blocked drain in Wollongong corporate houses or a crack in the sewer pipe in Sydney’s underground sewer system; the plumbers can work persistently as the empty place would support such a workflow.

There are lot more differences in the worlds of domestic and commercial plumbing systems. But different methods mean different attributions and that may be called the VARIETY OF LIFE.

Author's Bio: 

Being an experienced and dedicated plumber in Wollongong, the author wanted to share this article to characterise the differences of commercial and domestic grade plumbing needs to show the varied needs of any problem like a blocked drain in Wollongong or an issue regarding water pressure in Perth.